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Monday, July 23, 2018

fave time of the year: annual TARGET toys clearance sale!

It's my favorite time of year - the annual summer toys clearance sale at TARGET! 

It's the best thing I've found as a busy mama: stocking up on Christmas gifts in JULY! If you haven't heard of this before, you'll need to read my previous post from a few years ago here to get all the scoop about how to show this sale.

This week on Thursday Target stores will mark down a ton of their toys to 75% off! The first few weeks in July they start out marking them down 10%, 30%, 50% etc. Currently the few days before the big Thursday sale most items are 50% off. The last few years I've avoided the starting to catch on crowds on Thursday morning and gotten more availability of items I really want by taking the 50% off instead the few days beforehand.

Today I visited two stores near me and each were very different- one had way more on sale than another store. It depends on the location you go to. There are 4 stores near me and each are different in what is on sale. It becomes a game if you let yourself get carried away wanting to stop at each store! I limited myself to two stores this year since I found a ton that I wanted.

I can't show you everything since I scored a few gifts for my kiddos, but here are TONS of things I saw when shopping.

Here are some things I found on sale this year: 

Lots of Melissa and Doug at this one store I visited!

Lots of V-Tech toys that were great deals! 

You need to look high on the shelves and not just where the yellow clearance signs are. You will find tons of things just by slowly walking the aisles and looking on the corners of the actual items themselves - look for yellow markdown tags on the items.

This was the first year I found some PlayMobil items, they were mixed in but great deals! I found a larger one for $50 that I scored for $20 for my daughter for Christmas. These things are great gifts and always hard to find deals for. 

To find crafts and games on sale you need to scour the shelves. Tons of markdowns mixed in with regular items.

I found some Tangled and Frozen dolls on sale, but no Moana like I was hoping for!

Some great deals on games! I found a Chewbaca Star Wars Operations game for $10 also!

Top: this was my FAVE find of the day- $50 item for $25, not bad!

Legos are in high demand and always difficult to find deals on. There were quite a few Legos left today with clearance tags!  You just have to look around on the shelves.

These are the coolest toys for that kiddo on your list!


Some extra Star Wars and Transformers items this year on sale!

These are the types of toys you should buy because they are so cheap and just stock up on for birthday parties! I always say I'll do this, but never end up with enough money since I have so much else I'm finding for family and friends.

I have an almost 2 year old who's going to FREAK OUT over this police car below!

TIP: Don't forget to look at these end caps (as they say in the biz)- there are usually extra items there on sale! Also, after you finish the toy aisles and you reach the sports or summer outdoor items... keep going down a few more aisles, usually there is a random clearance section with more on sale!

A Baby Alive doll for HALF PRICE!!!!

OK so my baby wasn't as impressed as I was with the sales... especially missing nap time for it, whatever! NOTE: do not take your kids with you to this sale! It's so much easier to hide their gifts when you don't have them with you! Sometimes you're desperate and it's all good.

It's perfectly acceptable to go to multiple stores and then treat yourself with Starbucks after shopping at Target during this sale.

Enjoy! I can't wait to hear about your sale items you find. I love this game of finding the best deals!

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