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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Disney magic : character meal - Garden Grove

We stumbled upon Garden Grove for a dinner one night when we had a bunch of family gathering together and needed a space big enough at last minute. My sister is so savvy when it comes to Disney, she scored us a reservation for like 15 people very last minute at Swan and Dolphin hotel at the Garden Grove restaurant. The restaurant is in the Swan section of the hotel, this massive place. It was really beautiful inside, with a large tree in the middle of the restaurant. It was basically empty the whole time we were there, and the food was excellent. We were all very pleasantly surprised.

This is not a Disney property so they do not accept the dining plan. Because of that, many families aren't going there, and it's actually an amazing place.

We didn't even know there were characters at this meal, so that was even more fun! Because it's a smaller restaurant and it wasn't packed, the characters spent a lot of time with us, hugging, playing on the floor, taking pictures, etc. It was amazing! The food was cheaper than other restaurants also.

We met Goofy and Pluto at this restaurant. They spent so much time with our kids, which was super fun. I don't have a ton of pictures of the character greetings, as they were with our cousins and I don't want to post other kids on the blog... but it was SO fun to see these characters up close and personal without having to rush.

There is a buffet salad, soup and bread bar that you start with, including a station where the employee can chop your salad with a mixed dressing. This was delicious! They don't have a lot of on the menu, but the prime rib was fantastic- all of our adults ordered this for the most part. They had some fish and chicken items as well, and a kids menu.

We all got dessert items, various cookies and puddings, cakes, etc. from the buffet.

It was overall a great experience! I definitely recommend this restaurant if you have a bigger family you'd like to go out to eat with.

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