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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Disney magic : character meal - Akershus

Akershus is another fun character meal that is in Epcot, right outside the Frozen Ever After ride in Norway. This is a really fun character meal to meet some princesses. The princesses are different I've heard each time you go, but some standard ones.

When we visited we met Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle and Sleeping Beauty. We ended up going to this meal the last day we visited a park, at Epcot, and we'd already met all the princesses before besides Snow White... and about a half hour after eating at this restaurant we saw Snow White meeting children with only about four kids in line just up the road from this restaurant... so essentially we could have seen all the princesses free instead of paying a lot (this was our most expensive character meal).

I recommend you visiting this restaurant if you're going to Epcot first before other parks like Magic Kingdom (MK). I also recommend you going here if you don't plan to wait in any lines at all to see some princesses. We were fine with waiting the 20 minutes to see Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in MK because you got to see them IN the castle, which was pretty special, more interesting than seeing at Akershus.

To me, going to Akershus depends on what you're looking for. It was fabulous food, delicious! It was a great atmosphere, very Norway region. The staff were awesome, the kids got to do a princess walk through the restaurant which our daughter loved. But it was pretty expensive for us to see princesses we'd already seen. The princesses only stay with you less than a minute, too.


You do get to take pictures with Belle at the start of the day, which is super fun.  You can also see Belle in MK at her Enchanted Tales with Belle, which is more fun since you get to dance with her and spend time with her.

The food was delicious for the kids- they loved the mac and cheese- delicious, we would have eaten it ourselves, and pizza. There is a buffet salad bar with cheese, meats, fish, crackers, etc. that you start out with, then your meal is served to you.

The menu is Norwegian so some of the items were interesting and new to us, but we loved this ravioli with balsamic drizzle and some chicken. It was delicious. The difficult thing about this though was one major reason to go to Epcot is to try all the various country foods there, things you can't find elsewhere, and after having lunch at Akershus we just were not hungry enough to want to try other items... so I think for us we'd skip this meal again in the future.

Tip: We brought a Halloween costume princess dress and wrapped it up in our backpack, had her wearing her shorts and tank top underneath. She was so excited to be able to do that! Most kids did have princess gowns on, so that was cute to see.

The dessert was family style, where they served us a variety of things to try together. Delicious!

Dairy free sherbet was my son's favorite thing the entire trip!

Overall, this was a great restaurant, good food, fun to see princesses. We just would not go back because it did not match what we want. We'd like to go to Epcot to eat at various country food stops instead of fill up at this expensive restaurant. We don't mind seeing the princesses at MK earlier in the week also, so that works better for us. I am glad we took our daughter, she enjoyed it immensely, but we felt she could enjoy something similar in another setting to meet the needs of our entire family.

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