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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Dear 6 year old Addisyn

Dear 6 year old Addisyn,
Happy birthday sweet girl! We can't believe you're swiftly moving past the big FIVE already, into SIX world! It's awesome and crazy. I looked at all of your baby pictures the other day and thought, HOW, WHEN did we get here so fast?! You are our middle princess of the family and so it seems things to faster with you there. We just adore everything about you and appreciate the beauty you bring to our family.

You love to snuggle- your parents, your siblings, a blankie and all the stuffies you can find. You have about 10 stuffed animals or babies sleeping with you every day in your bed. You take something or someone with you every time we leave the house. Every time, a baby or stuffie is with you.

You lost your first teeth this year, a few months before your birthday, what an accomplishment! You played basketball for the first time and loved it. Heading to Kindergarten has been no big thing for you. You were tired the first month, slightly cranky, but overall LOVED every second the rest of the year. It's been your favorite thing being in Mrs. Abbott's class. You are a lover of learning. You read daily to your babies in the morning when you wake up. We swear you'll be a teacher or librarian someday with all you teach your dolls. It's so sweet.

You are feisty and strong, brave and determined. You don't give up. You work hard and pick yourself up with a little help and keep going. You think you are a real superhero girl and wonder woman, and we agree. You won the literacy contest for your writing piece about being a superhero and how girls can do anything boys can do. We are SO proud of you!

You even get sassy with us somedays, stomping your feet on the stairs, saying "uh yeah" in this sarcastic teenage voice that scares us for what the future brings. You get tired easily and whine when it's hot. But overall you are the kindest and sweetest, and we can't believe our ears when you listen the first time we ask you to do something. It's amazing.

You are a good friend, but sometimes bossy to peers. You like to do your thing and don't care if others don't want to join in, Miss Independent for sure. We love this! You loooove dancing and singing, nonstop princess attire around here. You love getting dirty too and playing outside. Collecting rocks is your favorite thing in the whole world. We find them in your backpack, jacket pockets and pretty much everywhere.

I love that you find beauty in everything you see. You make something little become something big. You make it all magical just because you believe that it is. I've never met anyone like you, my dear, and I love that.

Stay brave. Stay kind to others. Ask more people to be your friend. Keep smiling and keep asking a thousand questions. I hope you always love learning how you love it right now in Kindergarten- reading up a storm, we are so proud.

Know you are always loved, little one. We hope you and Owen get to be better friends and that you find more patience for him and that he plays with you more. We hope that you always are the best big sis to Quinn and that you help him along the way.

We can't wait to see all that you do in this next year - learning to run and jump, joining Girl Scouts with me (I'm so excited!), artwork etc. We love your paintings and drawings of smiley faces and rainbows that we find every single day in your bag.

Keep growing, my love. Don't forget to reach out for a hug every day. We count on you for that.

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