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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Disney magic : don't wait in line for food: MOBILE ordering

Mobile Food Ordering is the BEST thing in the world at Disney- well next to seeing Mickey Mouse of course! You use your Disney World app to order food from restaurants in the park that you are visiting that day. It takes minutes to place your order, and then about 5-15 minutes to pick up your food, MUCH faster than waiting in line. I thought this was genius! We used this a few times, including to order an ice cream in Magic Kingdom.

Here is a how-to quick video on YouTube to explain to you how to do mobile food ordering.

So you go into the app, search for restaurants in the area, look at menus, choose what you want including drinks, and submit. Within a few minutes you are going to have your food - there is even a special mobile order line to pick up your food! We did this about four times on our trip, and could not believe how many people were standing in line for food... I was SO lucky I had found out about mobile food ordering on YouTube before my trip.

Below is the note you get from the app when your order is ready. It's awesome! What an easy process that makes your day even better so you aren't wasting time in another line.

Below is some food we ordered at Flame Tree Barbecue in Animal Kingdom. It's so simple, no waiting in the quick service lines. You are waiting in so many lines all day to meet characters, to get on rides, bathrooms even... don't make food one of those lines. When you are hungry - especially with kids- you need your food ASAP! Mobile Food Ordering is the best.

Here is another quick video with lots of tips in addition to mobile ordering for food. Great tips! The mobile ordering is right at the start of the video.


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