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Friday, March 30, 2018

Dear 18 Months Old Quinn

Dear 18 Month Old Quinn,
Oh, my sweet growing littlest love. You are getting way too big. I can't believe all you've learned lately. You say a zillion words. I say it's because you have these amazing older siblings who talk all the time. You are learning everything and wanting to keep up with them in all that they do. You are sweet, saying "Hi Mama, Hi Dada" often. You are getting into becoming a two year old, which is scary but we're ready bud, we can do this.


You loooove your big siblings. You share a room with Owen and snuggle in bed with him each night before going to sleep, hold hands through the crib sides and laugh. It's adorable. I'm so glad you have siblings. 

We had a super fun trip to Disney World and you were perfect! You loved all of it, especially seeing characters. You weren't scared at all, saying hi to everyone you saw.

Oh, this face. You can eat everything. You loooove to eat. You say "peeeeease" for please a lot and it's the cutest thing. You ask "Where go?" a lot when people leave the room and you can't find them. 

We adore you. You keep us young and having fun. You've brought so much love into our home. We laugh every day with you. You are so good, going with the flow to all the big kids events like baseball and everything else. Your favorite thing in the world is Buzz Lightyear and Elmo. You think all characters -even Mickey Mouse - are Elmo. It's adorable.

Happy 18 Months, buddy. Let's go slow toward the Big Two.

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