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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Dear 8 year old Owen

Dear 8 year old Owen,
I cannot believe you have turned EIGHT! It's flying by, being your momma, that's for sure. This past year you've grown so much. You are so into sports- baseball is your favorite, then soccer and basketball. You love swimming more than life itself in the summer time and literally become a fish diving off the docks at camp. You make us laugh and make us crazy with your antics and loud noises. We would not trade you for anything.

Your favorite food is chocolate chip pancakes. You love everything covered in ketchup- it's a weird phenomenon you've adopted this year. We can't figure it out but we allow it all the same. You are constantly thinking up some new project - cutting trees in our yard to sell for firewood, creating another bird house or making a fort under the deck. It's nonstop busyness and creativity with you. We tell ourselves all the time- when we find rakes or shovels or nails lying around or when you steal the tape measure or scissors, again, that you are going to be some huge big leader someday making big changes in our world. We've known this since day one with you and you never cease to amaze and surprise us with what you know or think up.

You love being outside in the winter almost as much as you love being in the water in the summer time. You tried snowboarding this year in our yard with huge snow piles. You rock at Cub Scouts, always listening and respectful there. We love that you are learning so much.

You are goofy, silly, hilarious. You tell funny jokes and love wrestling your father. You get nervous sometimes when you aren't sure what's going to happen next, and once we push you to do whatever it was - go to a party, try a new sport, etc - you ROCK it and give it your all, enjoying every second. I love that all you need is a little encouragement.

You are sweet and kind and helpful always at school. You have raised your reading and math scores tremendously over the last year, we're so proud of your hard work. You get annoyed with your sister and then the next second you're helping her and being sweet again. We hope to see more sweet days, dude.

With your little brother, you're the best. You hold his hand before bed, rub his head throughout the day to say hi, and in the mornings you give him a stuffed animal and snuggle him until we get him up. You two sharing a room is adorable. I'll be sad when we finally finish your room and send you two solo again. He's loving it for now, thanks for being a great big bro.

You have worn your Gronkowski Patriots football jersey about 39 of the last 42 days, literally. You wear a Celtics basketball jersey all the time too for bed. You wear nothing but Nike and Under Armor sweatpants and sweatshirts, daily, same things. I gave up with the cute outfits long ago and we just go with comfort and cool at this point in the game. It's all good.

You are strong, a worker, and determined. You're killing it at PT and OT this past year, learning so much about movement, walking, your strength and inner core muscles. You problem solve and think before you speak more. You are really so brave and courageous.

We love that you show us the way to being parents. We don't always get it right, we sometimes argue and have to say your name 12 times to get you to listen. But every day we end in a big hug and promise to try again the next day to get things right. You stay right there with us with patience and love, and an attitude of no big deal let's try again. We love you for this and so many more reasons.

Thanks for being our big kid, our leader of our pack, the one we can count on to help everywhere there needs helping. You are the best, big guy. Keep growing and learning, but always remember to hold your Mama's hand crossing the street or to look back at Dad when you're worried. We're right here. Always.


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