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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear 7 year old Owen,

Dear 7 year old Owen,
I cannot believe you are this big! 7 is such a big number now. You are two years past the Big Five. Cannot believe it. You are growing at the speed of light it feels like, well it's felt that way for seven years now really.

Your birthday was so special that it was a SNOW DAY! How awesome?! We made chocolate chip pancakes and Dad stayed home with us. It was the best morning ever. You dressed up in Batman clothes, and then we piled all up in the big truck- in a blizzard! It was crazy! We went up the road to the swimming pool at the hotel and had the best time together. A great way to spend a birthday, my boy!

You are curious and into everything, still. You are fast and fumble sometimes. You LOVE basketball, Ninja Turtles, Batman (your theme for your party this year) and everything to do with snow and outside and trucks.

You love being outside- it's your favorite thing. Snow, cold, rain, mud puddles, digging in dirt, monster trucks, and basketball. You looooove swimming and the ocean, beach sand digging, and paddling around under water. I LOVE this about you. You have always chosen outside over TV any day. It's awesome to see you so active.

You've lost so many teeth this year. It's nuts! We love seeing you get so excited about losing teeth. You even pulled one out  yourself- after the first couple fell out at after care at school eating an apple, then at the lake while tubing, and then at Bagel Basket eating a bagel - which you swore off until all lose teeth are OUT! Hilarious.

I love that toothy grin you have.

You're taller than all your friends at school, as usual. You are getting up to my neck now. Soon I'll look up at you to tell you to do your homework.

You have learned to read, really pushed through reading, we are SO proud of all you are learning at school in Ms. McPherson's class. You LOVE school. I hope this never changes. You love seeing your friends and rush Dad in the mornings to take you to school early. You can't wait to get there to build a Lego set or race around playing Dodgeball or something fun in the gym.

We had your party at the trampoline place. You are a busy boy jumping around like crazy. That was fun! I love your energy. It never quits. Sometimes we're tired from the energy, and mostly we are in awe of all you can do. You are smart, funny and tell jokes to us al the time. You LOVE your baby brother, you are so good to him. He's lucky to have you. You get happy to see him every day. You are working on being kinder to your sister :) She looks up to you, you know. Remember what a big deal and honor that is to have a little sister. Sometimes you surprise me and give her the sweetest acts of kindness. Let's do more of that, Mr.

May your next year be filled with laughter, digging in the dirt, getting messy, learning more math (you LOVE math facts), and making more friends. May you always know that we love you more than anything in the world, and that we are so lucky you chose us to be your parents, to make us parents first. We learn everything from you and we love you so much for teaching us along the way.

We love you, Pal.

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