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Thursday, January 12, 2017

making the most of the last pregnancy

I am a few months past my last pregnancy. I knew it would be my last, three kids would make our family complete. Being the last pregnancy, there was much I wanted to memorize and savor during the sometimes long and tough days and weeks.

There is something to be said for doing this monumental pregnancy thing for the last time. The last time your body will carry life. The last time you will watch your belly grow in the mirror of the bathroom when you step out of the shower. The last time you'll feel those kicks and jabs, the flutters, how amazing that feeling is.

To me, knowing this was my last pregnancy, I wanted to remember these moments. I wanted to enjoy it as much as possible. I wanted to make sure I took advantage of all that being pregnant has to offer. There are a lot of tough parts to pregnancy, but oh so many sweet parts, too. Things to be celebrated for sure.

Photos by Photography By Kay

Here are some suggestions of things to enjoy while making the most of your last pregnancy:

  • Announcing the news - Take your time with this part of the process. Don't rush too soon. Let it sink in between you and your partner first. It's so awesome to tell people, but then at the same time once you tell people it's not your little secret anymore. It's out there, it's all anyone talks to you about, which sometimes can feel overwhelming, with the comments. So enjoy the few weeks or months where it's just your sweet surprise. And then find the coolest way ever to announce it, Pinterest if you have to, this is your last time doing this, make it count. 
  • Maternity Pictures- I am a big believer in maternity pictures. I look back at these pictures of me, taken just this past July, only a few short months ago, and I already forget that I looked like that. Sure, I'm bigger than I'd ever been in my life, but there's something so beautiful about that big old belly and the glow on my face, the sparkle in my eye as I was about to become a mom for the third time. It's cliche, but true. So document this part of your life experience. You won't ever regret doing it, but you may regret not having those pictures someday. 
  • Put your feet up. When else in your life are you going to be allowed to sit down as often or take as many naps if you need to? Never again really! So enjoy it. Take advantage of resting as much as possible. Your body has earned the right to do this after a few pregnancies now, but also it's good for you. Enjoy the time where you are supposed to cater to your body and rest. I took a nap every single day just about with this third pregnancy. I hadn't done that in the other two. This time, I took advantage of resting with the big old belly. I still love reminiscing about those naps. 
  • Go shopping. Sure it's great having the repeat maternity clothes from your last pregnancies, but it's also nice to treat yourself to something new, stylish and fun with this last pregnancy. There are awesome things you can find in great shape at consignment stores, too, so check those out. 
  • Do all the things. Do the things you won't ever be able to do again after you're done being pregnant. Take a birthing class or breast-feeding class. Park in the stork only pregnancy parking at Babies R Us. Create a baby registry to remind you of things you need. Get the special stretch mark cream. Get a prenatal massage. I was psyched when my husband got me one for a gift for my birthday. I'd never done this with the other two pregnancies and it was nice to look forward to it in this last pregnancy. It's fun to do all of these things that you aren't going to get a chance to do in the future. It makes the tough parts of pregnancy easier. 
  • Celebrate. I believe in having a baby shower for every baby, not only because yes sure it's helpful to get diapers and gifts for baby, but mostly because babies are amazing and so are the mothers who bring them into the world. This is a big occasion, it should be celebrated. So don't feel weird or selfish or something for having another shower. If someone wants to throw you a party, ENJOY! Be spoiled and swooned over. It's the only time after your wedding day that you'll be so spoiled, and you deserve it. Creating life is hard work. Enjoy being supported and loved. 
  • Treat yourself. Every single doctor's appointment this time around I stopped at a nearby consignment store and found myself a new maternity item or a baby item. I got myself an iced drink. I gave in to my cravings, even when they were salty fries or fast food. I let myself have what I wanted, without going overboard. I let myself indulge. It's hard work building a human. Let yourself enjoy this last time around with a few treats every now and then. You deserve it. 

Enjoy this final pregnancy.  It won't come again, and there is something bittersweet about that. You should feel proud about what you've accomplished. I know most women don't enjoy every moment of pregnancy and that's normal and OK. Try to enjoy some of it though to make the time go by faster and easier.

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