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Friday, December 2, 2016

gifts for the family of 5 - third baby ideas

Many moms have asked in our Mommy Stories group the last few months what to get for a mom friend who delivered her third child. Here are a few ideas that may help you out, coming from my own experience recently!

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  • Meals- Food is a must for anyone having had a child. This is especially true for the parents of third child. First, they have two other kids who need to eat, so anything extra is helpful. Second, fewer people visit with the third child. I think people are busy, they have more kids themselves by the time you have your third around, and they probably think you've got this, you're pros. Well, even pros need to EAT people! So bring food. If you can't visit yourself, send over takeout gift cards. 
  • Mama care package- Whip something up for the mom so she's not forgotten, so she's celebrated in this big thing she just did by giving birth, and so that she can relax a bit. My good friend sent me a package JUST for me, nothing for baby or anyone else, it was SO sweet to be pampered. She included things like chapstick, chocolate, comfy socks, water bottle, snacks, hot chocolate mix, etc. Such a nice idea. 
  • Little brother or sister outfit- These are my personal favorites! It's nice to show off the little guy or gal in something specific to them. It helps in that whole complete family feeling. 
  • A new outfit for baby- This is really nice with the third child, so that they are spoiled and feel special. I'm all about hand me downs, it's 95% of what our kids wear! But it's nice to have something that was specifically bought for this new little being. 
  • Practical stuff- Everyone appreciates diapers, wipes, bottles, shampoo, etc. They will need these things, and most don't find these items fun to purchase so the parents will totally appreciate if you actually do.
  • Remember the big kids- It's nice to give them a small token of celebratory fun at being a big sibling for the first time or again. So grab a coloring book or a box of goldfish or something for the big kids. The new mama will appreciate you thinking of her big kids too. 
  • Drop by- Bring a muffin and coffee. Offer to hold the baby while she naps or takes a shower. Take the trash outside for her without asking if she needs it done. Take the kids outside while she gets some rest inside. Text ahead of time but do the drop by to see if she needs something. 
  • Hospital snacks- Our brother in law did this for us this time around and it was AMAZING. We ate those snacks for days, chocolate, popcorn, granola bars, etc. It was great, and also an awesome treat to have on hand for when the big kids visited the hospital. 
It really doesn't matter what you send over for a gift for the new mom or the third baby, they are going to appreciate it. 

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