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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Shop & Support Moms - Kristina Grabarz - Two Little Beans kids' clothing

A huge thank you to Kristina Grabarz for sharing her AMAZING business with us, Two Little Beans! I'm beyond obsessed with the teeny tiny adorable baby booties on her Etsy shop site. I can't wait to order a pair myself for my little guy! So cute. I found her when scrolling through Etsy one day looking for Maine sellers. I'm so happy I did! Awesome items for all occasions, definitely great gift ideas. 

Check it out! Discount below, moms. 

Thanks, Kristina!

Images shared from Kristina Grabarz

  1. How did you start your business? Why did you want your own business? When did you start your business? 
    I had just returned to work from maternity leave after having my second son. I always dreamed of staying home with both of my boys and after many tough mornings dropping my sons off at daycare, we as family made the decision, that if I was going to take the plunge into staying home, this was the time to do it. Two months later, I started Two Little Beans & Co. thinking it would be the perfect way to have a creative outlet as well as have some “me” time at night. 

    Two Little Beans & Co. began selling baby booties and Superhero capes and has since expanded to many other clothing items as well as wholesaling my products to a number of brick and mortar retailers across Maine and New England.
  1. Why was owning a business a perfect situation for you and your family?
Being home with my sons while they were young was always a dream of mine. I am so blessed to be able to do this. Starting my own business has also allowed me to realize a new dream and it has given me the confidence and drive to make this business as successful as I can.
  1. What does your business specialize in? What’s your favorite product? How did you come up with the name?
Two Little Beans & Co. specializes in clothing and accessories for children. Each item is designed and handmade by me! One of the first items I made was a pair of baby booties for my oldest son – they are still my favorite! I love picturing the babies that will be wearing them – taking their first steps, playing and growing up.
The name Two Little Beans & Co. was a perfect name for my business My last name sounds a lot like a type of bean. Our family was nicknamed ‘the beans’. My sons are my inspiration for most of the products I make, they are my “two little beans”, so it was a perfect fit!  
  1. What do you love best about working for yourself?
Working for yourself can be hard! Especially trying to find a balance between work and life. You need to have the focus to get things done each day. But it also means I can make a schedule that fits my family life.
  1. When working, when do you work? What’s your process for working? Things you do daily, a routine?
Most of my work takes place during nap time and after my sons go to sleep. The holiday season is always crazy so sometimes it means, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there to get it all done on time!
  1. Take me step by step through working with customers. Do you do anything special or unique?
I love taking on custom orders – a number of the items I sell originated via a custom order request and I just loved how they turned out, so I added them to my shop. When a customer reaches out about a custom idea for a product we work together to get them just what they want. From picking out the exact fabric, to modifying the pattern if needed.
  1. What is your success rate? What do you think customers would say about your work, shop?
I hope that all of my customers are happy with their purchases! 

I take a lot of pride in my work and work hard to create the best product I can. I know the importance of durability when it comes to baby/kids products and I worked hard to create bibs that will absorb even the messiest meals and baby booties that stay on even the wiggliest of feet!   

8. Why do you think people should shop in your store or buy your products that you create and why should they support moms who work or themselves?
There is a huge movement toward supporting handmade/small shops and I love that I can be a part of that! 

Buying from my handmade shop means you can be sure that each item is constructed with attention to detail and is something that I, as a mom, would use/have used/wish I could have used with my own children.
  1. What are you favorite, best items?
I just love the little baby booties! They are so cute and tiny ☺
  1. How does your business allow you to be a great mother?
Some days are certainly better than others, but knowing for instance, I can rock my son to sleep at nap time or take a break and we can go play outside on a Tuesday after lunch makes the harder days’ worth it! I think it also shows my sons the importance of working hard for what you want!
  1. What do you think would surprise readers to know about yourself?
I am a science geek! I studied Biology in college, getting my Master’s Degree and working in the field of Research and Development for almost 10 years. As much as I love the creative aspect of designing clothing, the numbers are also fun for me!
  1. What is the coolest thing you’ve ever experienced as part of working with this business?
One mom reached out to me and said “you made my son his first pair of shoes”
I just love seeing where my products are going and the little ones that are using them. I’ve been able to collaborate with other amazing mom business owners and have been able to donate my products to raise money and awareness for some amazing organizations.
13. What is one of your favorite gifts to give someone for the holidays?
Last year (and we will do it again this year too) we bought all Maine-made gifts for the holidays. There are so many amazing crafts people in the state and it was so much fun to purchase all handmade. It made giving the gifts extra special and we got to share with our family who made the items and where it was made! It’s so nice to know these things!
  1. How many kids do you have? Give us one work to describe them
I have 2 sons, they are busy!

Two Little Beans & Co.

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