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Saturday, August 13, 2016

exploring the Isles of Shoals, Star Island

I've wanted to go on a boat ride out to the Isles of Shoals and Star Island for a few years now. It was such a fun adventure we did about a month or so ago! I recommend everyone take a trip out there if you are near the area to Portsmouth, NH. It's a fun day trip. We were out there for about 4 hours total. I'd say that's enough with kids, as there isn't much to do but walk around a lot. It's worth the trip, but not sure I'd want to be there longer.

The island is gorgeous! We had a beautiful day out there. The boat ride was smooth and with a nice breeze. The weather on this day was like 95 degrees on land, so I was glad to get out into the water.

This main building above is fun to check out and see up close. There is a huge porch that runs the width of the building, with many rocking chairs. If I'd been solo, I'd have pulled up a chair, drank a lemonade and read a book for hours. Such a relaxing spot!

There's a tiny playground and a basketball court with balls there that could keep kids busy for a bit. We packed a picnic lunch for outside in the grassy area when we got there, but they do have a snack shop inside with minimal offerings like ice cream, hot dogs, lobster rolls in mid-season, snacks, etc. It's only open certain hours though, so prepare with bringing snacks.

The touch tank building was worth visiting with kids. They loved it! They got to pick up a lot of sea life- urchins, starfish, etc.

We walked around visiting around the island, checking out some of the little cottage buildings. It didn't take long to see most of it. Sneakers helped though!

This snack area was inside the large white building. I had a delicious smoothie!

The kids and I found a cute beach area to find TONS of sea glass. Tons! It was awesome. Bring a sandwich bag or something to put them in!

Some things to bring with you:

  • Wear sneakers. It's not tons, but it is walking for the kids and it's rocky since it's an island so it was easy to walk with sneakers. 
  • Lots of water and snacks. Pack a lunch if you want! 
  • Bring a container or baggy for the sea glass or shells you may find.
  • Camera- such a gorgeous spot to take photos.
  • Sunblock, but also sweatshirts. I was told to bring sweatshirts because it gets cooler out in the water on the boat and on the island. This particular day we didn't need them, but I'd packed long sleeve shirts in the backpack. Sunblock for sure, it's sunny!
  • Parking in Portsmouth is I think $5 at the boat so have cash for that. 

It was a beautiful day out in the ocean. I'm so glad we visited!

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