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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dear 6 1/2 year old Owen,

Dear Owen who is now 6.5,
You are at the best age ever right now. People told me 6 was awesome, and they were right. You are all hilarious, coming up with big words you heard somewhere and coming up with things to say to us that just astound us. You are SO smart. Like really smart. And we are amazed by it all the time. Kindergarten was the best thing in the world for you. I was so nervous sending you, and yet I found within two days you were so happy there, loving every second, soaking up all the great things you could learn there. It was awesome hearing about your days. We are so proud of you.

You love math. You can whip through several pages without flinching. It's so cool to see, especially since I've never been great at math. Seeing you loving school is the best thing I've seen this year with you. You LOVE it. You run into the building and can't wait to get started. I LOVE that and hope so much that we can continue that excitement for years to come. You read to us now, too. It's awesome. The best thing I've ever heard is your voice sounding out letters and words. It's astonishing how fast you picked up the language. Wow. My big growing boy.

You build crazy amazing things out of Legos. Every time you ask me to come see what you made, I put down what I'm doing, knowing it's important to you and also that you have made this awesome thing I just HAVE to see. I love it. Again, mostly because Legos weren't my thing. I can't create anything to save my life. But you, this little 6 year old body (excuse me, 6 and a Half) can do the coolest things with just a box of colored blocks. It's so great. I love this phase.

Your favorite food is still of course ice cream, and chips. You loooooove peanut butter sandwiches most of all, as in you could eat them daily. And you practically did all Kindergarten school year- peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (you complained about the jelly, not understanding why they can't just give you peanut butter like we do at home!) with chocolate milk ("No, Mom I didn't get too hyper with the sugar in the chocolate milk!" you'd tell me when I'd roll my eyes about another chocolate milk experience I could not control.). 

You learned SO much at soccer, basketball (your best sport! love it!) and baseball this year. It was light years improvement from last year, so focused and able to do these awesome things in the games. We're so proud of how big you are and what you're learning to do. 

You are still obsessed with tractors and trucks, John Deere and sand. You dig in the sandbox every chance you get at home. You bring trucks to the beach with you. You make me feel still like despite how tall you are (off the charts, still, and people think you're like 9 years old, wearing size 8/10 clothing!) that you are still my little boy in that big boy body. It makes me stop and memorize what you are doing and playing with, because I know someday you won't be this small and playing with trucks. I told Dad the other day that the moment you stop pushing trucks around my kitchen and living room is the day I'll cry realizing you're too grown up. Hopefully that's a long ways away. I love your creativity and interest in all things that move.

You are a mover and it's the best thing about you. You always keep going forward, looking for the next thing to create and believe in. I love that about you.

I love how goofy you are. I love that you've lost 3 teeth and can't speak the same anymore, it's the cutest thing in the world. Your smile lights up my world, still, 6 1/2 years later. It always has. I love that every night you ask me to tell you a Once Upon A Time Story. We make things up about pirates and sports and tractors and dragons and castles and tractors. It's so fun. We've been reading Roald Dahl books together... that's my favorite time. The Twits was our first and it was hilarious. You snuggle up to me like we did when you were a baby with bed time stories. I love that. I hope that never changes. 

You talk about our baby all the time. You can't wait to be a big brother again. You drive your sister nuts, but then you are best buds and looking out for each other all the time, too, so it's great. It makes me really happy. 

You're doing awesome, Pal. We are really proud of you. Keep growing... I can't wait to see what you (we) learn in first grade this year!

Love, Mama

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