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Thursday, June 23, 2016

tips for surviving the 3rd trimester in the SUMMER

Third trimester + summer heat = me going all crazy wondering how this is going to be this time around?! My first two children were winter/spring babies so just first trimester in summer heat. I get too hot in the summer, let's see how it goes!

I asked the Facebook group for some good tips on surviving the heat in the end of pregnancy. Here's what they told me. Hope this helps someone else!
  • stay in the AC
  • stay near water
  • keep hydrated 
  • avoid salt to decrease swelling
  • have a positive mindset: you can do it
  • milkshakes and ice cream
  • good excuse to sit around and relax 
  • dress for the heat- lighter items
  • decaf iced tea
  • feet in kiddie pool
  • popsicles 
  • frozen fruit 
  • smoothies
  • extra sun protection - hats, larger sunglasses, more sunscreen, shaded areas outside, and umbrellas 
  • comfy chair that you can get in and out of 
  • being in water helps decrease swelling and helps you feel lighter with gravity 
Ice cream is a must! 

I'm already realizing I need more water than normal, which is nuts since you already need more water than typical when pregnant. It's refreshing though so I add lemons, strawberries, blueberries, etc. to the water to taste a bit different. I keep water bottles with me everywhere - car when I'm going places, in my bag when I head to doctor's visits etc. 

I'm also realizing it's ok to find some shade and ignore the sun tan a bit this summer. I feel cooler and relaxed in the shade sometimes so that helps. 

Exercising first thing in the morning is helpful if you're still up for doing that ;) Take a brisk walk in the early morning - like before 8 a.m.! Or stretch, do inside yoga or fitness videos. It's too hot to go outside and workout after that. 

Put your feet up, mommas! It's allowed :) 


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