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Thursday, June 23, 2016

from 1 to 2: when baby comes home: tips for getting through the beginning

It's hard to have a newborn around. And it's exciting all in one! Having a second baby can be overwhelming at first. Here are some ideas to help you manage. Thanks to the Facebook mommies for sharing :)

  • Get your older child on routine ASAP. Keep things normal, including sending to daycare most times so you can rest and be more ready for them when they come back in afternoon.
  • "It's OK to lower your parenting standards a bit" at first by letting your big kid watch more TV and sleep in longer or miss certain things. You get by, then it gets better.
  • Have meals prepared, groceries in the house.
  • Let people help you.
  • Buy all your child's favorite snacks and foods so it's easy for others to make food they will eat.
  • Rotate time away from baby and with big kid. Even if 10-15 minutes, your big kid will love the one-on-one time with a parent.
  • Let the older child be part of things with baby. Let them watch, help you, etc.

We found it hugely helpful for our big kid to be at daycare. He loved it, got spoiled, kept on his routine, and I got to rest and bond with baby at home during the day. I felt guilty for a second, but then realized he LOVED the attention he got there that I could not give at first. I highly recommend doing this to start off. It helps you physically heal faster so you can be out with your big kid again soon. It helps you emotionally bond with baby more so you're alone together. It helps you be rested a little and have more patience for when big kid comes home later and you can spend time together. 

Take it a day at a time. Do your best. Things are different now. It's going to take everyone time to adjust. Be patient with yourself but also your big kid. It's a fun change, but also can take some time to figure out.

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