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Saturday, June 25, 2016

from 1 to 2: oh, the feelings you will have...

Bringing a new life into the world is an incredible feeling. It's amazing seeing the bond between your two littles, or at least imagining what that will be like is amazing. It's hard having the tougher feelings mixed in with these sweeter ones when you bring home baby #2. 

But it's SO normal. I want all new moms to two to realize this: you are NOT alone, it's very normal to have mama guilt to the extreme with two kids. It's normal to have anxiety, fears, worries, and concerns. It's even normal to dread how this change is going to impact your family. It's awesome if you don't experience any of these feelings, but it's normal if you do. 

I asked the Facebook moms what they thought about the feelings, how they worried, what made them sad even when expecting their second baby. I love the honesty here. I hope these responses help you feel more normal if this is how you feel.
  • Every time my big kid left the hospital I cried, I hated being away from him. 
  • Feeling like you want to just get out of the hospital and back to your big kid. 
  • Feeling guilty being physically split in two places, not being able to be in two places but wanting to be with two kids. 
  • It felt like a vacation being in the hospital for a few days and not having to do everything with big kid, trusting they were OK with family.
  • Whirlwind of emotions the first week.
  • Wanting to get home to the normal routine, start a new routine with four.
  • Wanting to leave the hospital early than they wanted me to leave just so I could get home.
It's normal to feel like you want to be home. It's normal to feel like you're leaving your first baby. Try to remember your big kid is being spoiled by whoever you left him with, and that's a GOOD thing, nothing to feel guilty about. They are barely going to notice things are different at first, and it's only for a few days before you're home and ready to be there again. Give yourself a break, have patience, and focus on your new little one who needs you also right now. You'll see SOON that you CAN be mommy to two kiddos. 

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