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Thursday, June 23, 2016

from 1 to 2 : must-have items to put on a registry

These are some must-have items moms shared with me that they think moms expecting a second child should pick up or add to a list.
  • nursing to do buckets - toys, books, coloring etc for toddler
  • basket of healthy things for mom to eat, too busy with toddler, so this is helpful 
  • double stroller
  • baby carrier so hands free
  • wine and coffee!
  • swing or bouncer seat that can move around the house, because 2nd baby put down a lot more than 1st
  • new round of burp cloths or bibs that got stained with #1
  • new bottle nipples
  • new pumping supplies
  • another monitor or video one that switches between two kids
  • baby bath seat 
  • more utensils, plates, cups, bowls because soon two will be using them 
  • more sippy cups 

I found the baby bath seat to be SO helpful! 

Also a new diaper bag that fit TWO kids' stuff in it. My son was only 2 1/2 when we had our second, so he needed pull ups and potty training supplies, spare change of clothes from getting messy, snacks, etc. so we needed a bigger bag that held everything, and typically a backpack helps the most since you need your extra hand free to watch toddler or younger child. 

What else was a must-have item on your list? 

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