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Saturday, May 28, 2016

what we know for sure as mothers

In light of the Mommy Stories' 5th year birthday this week I've asked moms in the Facebook group to share what they know for sure about being a mom. I'm loving the responses! Here are a few:

From Pamela O'Pecko:
  1. It isn't easy.
  2. It's sometimes downright frightening.
  3. You'll never fight so hard for anything in your life than you do your kids and family.
  4. You'll lose yourself and find yourself a million times.
  5. It's all worth it.

From Tori Bullek:

1) Breastfeeding means you will be doing almost everything yourself. It's exhausting but the most enjoyable and rewarding part of being a new mom. 2) You will have a new found respect for your body. I look at my daughter in amazement, that my body built a perfect human and birthed that human, and I'm still alive and sustaining her life with milk my body creates. 3) You will understand why women joke that they have one more child than they do (their husband/boyfriend). I have never been more aware of the needs of my husband than I have been since our daughter was born.
4) You need friends that are moms. I couldn't have gotten through the toughest moments without my mom friends to talk me through things or ask questions. Your family can only understand to a certain extent. You need someone to text at 2am, who you know will respond, because she will be up breastfeeding (again).

5) You are enough. You are the most beautiful being in the eyes of your child. Be confident in your decisions and stand up for yourself and your child. My daughter looks at me with absolute love in her eyes, and there is no better feeling than to be her mom.

Other moms from the Facebook group shared what they know for sure as a mother:

There's good days and bad days. It's not often easy. Time flies by. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. 
- Megan

Just when you think you have the hang of it, it changes... And that no one really has a clue, so just do the best you can each day. 
- Megan

It's hard! But I love him more than anything in this world. -Amanda

Mother's instinct is a real thing. Don't ever ignore it. 
- Meaghan

 I know that I'm tough. And brave. Mama bear syndrome is no joke. 
- Melissa 

 It's not apples to apples. Each child is different. Each mom has a different scenario. Mothering and parenting isn't the same across the board. You can't assume everyone's situation is the same as yours. 
- Heather

That it really is possible to survive on no energy and little sleep! 
- Amanda

That despite social media posts, every mother has their ups and downs. We all have had the days the make us question our ability to raise another being, the days when we put them to bed and feel as though we must be doing something wrong. That even though our scenerios are each unique, we are all struggling to do the very best we can for the little lives that depend on us. It takes courage to be a mother and we should be more patient with ourselves when life isn't "perfect". 
- Tabbitha

Motherhood is the hardest but most rewarding job! 
- Kristina

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