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Friday, April 15, 2016

Easter basket ideas

This question came up more than any other I think I've seen in a long time in our Mommy Stories Facebook group. Here are some great ideas and pictures of Easter baskets for the littles! Hoping this helps us next year as a resource!

THANKS to all the moms who shared their Easter pictures and ideas for baskets!

Some moms go practical: clothing, swim attire, shampoo or hair brushes, toothpaste and snacks.
Some moms go simple: a book or two, maybe a treat and sunglasses, nothing big.
Some moms look into spring and summer themes - things they'll need for this time of year like bubbles and being outside.
Others go big with outdoor water tables and shovels and sand play, baby carriages, etc.

It's all what works for you, what you're used to, what you grew up with, and your budget of course.

Lots of moms swear by Target's dollar section for Easter treats! I know I do!

  • bubbles
  • outfits 
  • pajamas
  • swim clothes
  • sunglasses
  • snack foods for school lunches - Annie's bunny snacks, fruit snacks, crackers, Goldfish, etc.
  • bouncy balls
  • books
  • coloring books, crayons
  • kites
  • outdoor toys- shovels, buckets, fishing poles, gardening tools
  • fork and spoon set
  • bowls, plates, cups
  • straws
  • baby toys
  • sun hats, baseball hats
  • brush, hair elastics, ribbons, bows, hair clips
  • shampoo, soap
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste 
  • chalk
  • sip cup
  • movies 
  • spring rain boots
  • band-aids
  • play doh
  • art supplies
  • sports balls 


  • puzzle pieces
  • coins
  • jelly beans
  • fruit snacks
  • Goldfish
  • Cheerios
  • Mum Mums
  • toy cars
  • hair supplies
  • stickers
  • tattoos
  • bouncy balls
  • mini figures
  • bracelets
  • whistles
  • yogurt covered craisins

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