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Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear 4 year old Addisyn,

Dear Addisyn,
You're FOUR! I can't believe where the time has gone. You are such a sweet, sassy, silly, smart, amazing little girl. Big girl really. I cannot believe how much growth I see in you from last year at this time until now. You're still my little girl though. You love to be snuggled by mom and dad. You suck your thumb, which I know we need to figure out, but you're so sweet it's all good. You LOVE reading, playing with baby dolls, and ponies. They are your favorite. We had your birthday party at a horse farm, with rides and a cowgirl outfit and everything. It was super fun. Your best party yet! It's so fun watching you become this awesome little girl.

As we head toward you becoming five, which then means Kindergarten, it's crazy to me to reminisce about where we were. You were this tiny thing, crawling and giggling and drooling and then potty training... and now you ride a tricycle and you can pump your legs SO high all by yourself on the swings! It's pretty amazing. Your hair has finally grown out, and it's long enough for a hair cut!

You bring me flowers every single time you see them growing in the wild. Every time. It's the sweetest thing in the world. I appreciate it every time. You are sweet. Always.

You love adventures. You always want to go play in the dirt sand pile with your brother, or ride in his tractor. You love fishing with Dad. You are messy - but in a dress. Always. It's adorable. It's literally how we said we'd raise you from day one in the hospital. We said we'd dress you up in pink and purple and dresses galore, because that's just FUN as a mom of a new daughter. But then we said you'd be covered in dirt just like your big brother. And so you are. A mix of sweet and sassy. It's my favorite thing.

I love seeing you come down in the morning. I love how you aren't quite awake yet. I love that everywhere we go you take a doll or a "stuffy" as you call them. You rotate them, too, nobody is a favorite. You love dolls and horses and stuffed animals. You play nonstop with little figures and princesses. You dress up often- most often in your Super Girl costume that barely fits from a few Halloweens ago.

I'm so grateful you're my little girl. I love seeing you grow and write your name, oh when you write your full name with all the right letters it makes me melt with pride. You are so grown up already. At preschool you wave to me the entire time, you stay in the window until I drive away. It's my favorite thing. You consistently say "Bye Mama, Bye..." it's so sweet. You won't leave until I'm gone.

I love everything about you, sweet girl. Thank you for being mine. I can't wait to see you grow....
Love, Mama

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