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Friday, April 22, 2016

a visit to Stone Zoo

I've been wanting to visit Stone Zoo for a while, and yesterday was 75 degrees and sunny in APRIL so that was a perfect day to take a drive!

It's about an hour from York/Portsmouth area, and not in tons of Massachusetts traffic so it was easy.

It's a cute little zoo and a great walk out in fresh air.

We got there at 11:30 a.m. and they opened at 10 a.m. The parking lot was full, we spent like 20 minutes trying to find a spot. I'd suggest going early or later to get a parking spot. The parking lot is right there in front of the zoo, so if you get a spot it's an easy walk inside the park.

They offer teacher and military discounts, so bring IDs if these apply to you!

Favorite exhibits:
BATS- a real dark cave that was SO cool seeing them hanging there. I'd never seen so many before. Very cool to see!

WOLVES- A MUST-SEE. Make sure you get up to see the pack - of at least 5 of them, running around a huge mountainous area. It was very interesting, we stayed there for like 10 minutes just staring at them in awe.

MONKEYS- They screech so loudly, unlike I've ever heard before, sounding like a police car or ambulance. They made me laugh, it was cool to see them.

There's a small playground area- VERY busy so watch your kids! And a small rides area (they cost $3 to ride two different rides and a train, each, so bring cash if you're going on those).

There is a small snack area right next to the playground and rides. They had a few things, not a lot. We were looking for something cold like ice cream but they didn't have that yet. We went in April so that could be why, maybe more offered in summer seasons.

Tips for visiting this zoo:

  • Get there early for parking.
  • Bring water- it's not a ton of walking, but it's hard on the littles so having water was helpful.
  • Stroller traffic- if you can do a carrier, try that, as there were a lot of traffic jams with strollers and some smaller areas to go into that were hard with strollers, it seemed. It's OK to have strollers, so many people did, but it looked like a challenge for some.
  • Hand sanitizer- the windows where the kids put their faces and hands up to see the snakes, etc. were dirty and covered with handprints from so many visitors already. Hand sanitizer a must!
  • Restrooms- there is a TINY trailer of bathrooms right when you walk in... a long line and very crowded for space in there! I'd walk to the back of the zoo (not far, maybe 5 minutes walking) to the bigger bathroom, way more space and less people. 
  • Sunscreen- A lot is in the shade, but also tons in the sunny area so having sunblock is a must, especially in summer. 
  • We were there about 1 1/2 hours, it wasn't a big zoo, so it's a doable activity for the morning before nap time or before a nice lunch out. 
  • Pack lunch or go somewhere after. There is a Friendly's about 2 minutes up the road, or 15 minutes away is a huge mall where we went to the Rainforest Cafe (SOOOO fun, and they took reservations on the phone!). Cheesecake Factory is right next door, too! 

It was a great visit, I'm glad we went. I encourage you to check out the wolves, I've never seen them before and I've been to many zoos, so this was really cool. Otherwise, it's not my favorite zoo but honestly worth going to once. I LOVE Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, so that's going to be our next returning zoo visit.

Hope you have fun if you check out this zoo!

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