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Friday, April 15, 2016

a Ninja Turtle party - cowabunga dudes

My boy's birthday was back in February (I'm a bit behind in the blogging world, oops!). We had a Ninja Turtle theme party, but of course!

We sent an invitation with COWABUNGA DUDES on it, encouraging the kids to join us for some pizza and games!

We had one room of food and presents, and another room where the kids could run around and play some turtle games. I planned about 5 games, stations they could go to, but apparently 5-6 year olds just want to RUN around nonstop in an open space instead of play actual games. It's all good!

There were tons of ideas on Pinterest, of course. My favorite go-to party place. I went a bit overboard. My boy turned SIX years old. And I figured this was one of the last parties he'd let me go crazy and plan every detail over. He's at that age where he wants to go to a bounce zone or some place where they do everything for you. So... I had to get my creative juices flowing like crazy this time in case it's the last time (boo hoo! LOVE planning my kids' parties).

The goodie bags had some Ninja Turtle fruit snacks and some turtle straws in them, as well as a turtle mask that I ordered off from They used these bags later on to fill up with candy, stickers, stamps, etc. from the piñata.

My turtle cupcakes were kinda cute, I had to admit.

Sewer lids = Oreo cookies. THAT'S just adorable.

Guacamole was  hit with the adults.

This is supposed to be a Ninja Turtle... do you see it? The red mask?! Anyone?!

I went ALL out on the junk food at this party. Don't worry, we also had fruit and veggies. But when you invite all the Kindergarten boys over to a party, you HAVE to have some "fun" foods, I've learned. My son was overjoyed.

I ordered the banner on I'd looked it up on Target, Wal-Mart, party stores, and was the cheapest, and easiest with shipping.

This guy looks like a turtle, right?! So easy and fun.

After some snacks, it was time for running around and encouraging them to play the games I'd set up. Hilarious.

A few games I'd set up included giving them some foam swords to play "keep it up" with the green balloons, to keep the turtles (balloons) out of the lava or sewer.

Another was toss the frisbee pizzas into the basket.

We had a photo booth backdrop in case they wanted to take ninja pictures.

So fun! They loved just running!

After letting out some energy with games, we went back to the room to decorate pizzas. The kids LOVED this.

I put out individual plates and pizza pies at their seats. Then we had tons of toppings on each table. We got the squeeze tomato sauce and put huge bowls of cheese on the tables. It was adorable watching them decorate their pizzas!


  • pineapple
  • pepperoni
  • olives
  • tomatoes
  • green and red peppers 

I love store cakes. So easy and I could never decorate like that. He loved it!

After cake, we got out the sugar high energy by taking them into the room to hit the piñata full of candy, before the party ended. The kids LOVED it! We'd never done a piñata before and this was so fun.

An awesome and pretty easy theme to do for a kids' party!

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