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Friday, February 12, 2016

Dear 6 year old Owen,

Dear Owen,
I can't believe it's your sixth birthday. My, how time is flying by with our big boy. We are so incredibly proud of all that you are learning and achieving this year in Kindergarten. It's been so much fun watching you make new friends, come home and read stories to us every day (SO COOL!), and be excited about school. Dad says you literally RUN into school every day. That's amazing. I hope you never lose that zest for life and passion for trying new things.

Your favorite things lately are Ninja Turtles, trucks and digging outside, playing in and shoveling the snow, and Toy Story. You LOVE Buzz and Woody. We bought you Woody for your birthday present because it's your new favorite thing. I love how you're growing up fast, yet still our little guy loving to play with toys every day.

You love watching a new truck show on TV with Dad, all about towing trucks out of ditches and snow storms. It's cute seeing the two of you watch your favorite things. You two are buddies still, for sure. I love it.

You earned a helping certificate at school and were recognized by the Assistant Principal. It was awesome. You were picking things up in school and wiping up the messes on the floors. We're so proud of how hard working you are, always wanting to do more, work harder and learn things. I hope you always keep that interest and curiosity about the world. You've had it for six years, so I think you're going to keep it always.

You're my goofy boy. Always being silly and driving us crazy. You struggle with listening sometimes, mostly because you are on your way to doing something big and important and working hard at learning. You have a mind of your own, that's for sure. And we like that you use it for good things.

You are mostly kind to your sister. Sometimes you guys bicker "Stop looking at me! Stop copying me!" But we've trained you to answer in response to our question, "Why does your sister copy you?" and you respond begrudgingly (but I think you secretly love it) "Because she loves me and wants to be like me." Yes, little man, you are a big brother and she's your little sister, who just adores you. So have patience and be our responsible guy and help your sister out sometimes. She really loves you. She calls you "Owie." It's cute because nobody else calls you that. You let her, too, which is even cuter.

You light up our world, Owen. You really do. You are fast and furious, always on the go, busy doing something and thinking up the next thing every single moment. And yet, you're learning to stop and take in moments, breathe, listen, pay attention and sit still. It's growth and we're SO proud of you, Bud.

Let's keep learning, keep moving forward into fun new territory as you become 7 years old next year. Crazy how fast this is going! Thank you for always wanting me to tuck you into bed at night and for hugging me goodbye every morning before school. Thanks for telling me ALL about your day every afternoon when I pick you up after school and sharing with me the things you think are important. I think everything about you is important, little man. I'm so happy being your Momma.


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