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Sunday, January 24, 2016

tips for recovering from a C-section

I am so happy to have such an awesome group of moms in the Mommy Stories Facebook group who offer great advice. This week I asked about recovering from a C-section surgery. I've had two C-sections and two other uterine surgeries for fibroids. It's tough stuff! I agree with all of the tips below! My #1 advice for someone having a surgery like this is to LISTEN to your doctor. Don't push yourself. Don't do too much. Don't pick up your toddler before you're supposed to. Don't exercise sooner than 8 weeks. It's not worth the damage you could do.

Hope these tips help you!

Tips for recovering from a C-section:

  • Baskets all around the house with things you need like snacks, water, breastfeeding things, baby changing gear, books for older child, etc.
  • Comfortable stretchy pants.
  • Move everything you need from upstairs downstairs for during the day, so you only need to use the stairs once in the morning.
  • Ibuprofen and acetaminophen.
  • Wrap your belly with a binder.
  • Go slowly.
  • Ask for help- have people around.
  • Stay ahead of pain with medication the first week.
  • Hold a pillow over your incision on the car ride home (bumps, especially in winter hurt!), and when others are around making you laugh, or when you sneeze, it hurts your incision.
  • Ice on incision.
  • Get up and moving... but walk slow.
  • Mesh panties from hospital- get extras. They are so comfortable and don't bother incision.
  • Take Milk of Magnesium in the hospital before you leave to have a bowel movement! Otherwise it's painful the first time.
  • Shower stick with pouf to help you in shower so you don't have to bend or move much at first.
  • Eat well and hydrate. Helps healing faster.
  • DO NOT lift or do exercise too soon. 
  • Eat fiber after delivery to aid in that first bowel movement.
  • Partner bring baby to you in the night instead of you getting out of bed.
  • If you're nursing, try laying on your side or using Boppy pillow on incision site.
  • If you're bleeding more heavily than the last few days, you're doing too much. Rest. 
  • REST daily! Really try to nap when baby naps.
  • If you have an older child: before your surgery, when pregnant, teach them things like getting in and out of the bath, walking up the stairs, getting in and out of car seat, getting in and out of high chair, etc. so that he's ready for that and for you not to lift him when baby is here. 
  • Have tons of large pads at home. Not fun, but necessary for awhile. 
Take it easy. C-section surgeries are MAJOR surgeries. Take it slowly. Listen to your doctor for the full 8 weeks recovery time. It'll go by faster than you imagine it will. You'll get back to all of those chores and exercising later, don't worry. Your job right now is to recover physically so you can be the best mom to your little one. 

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