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Friday, January 1, 2016

the Greenlight Studio - a fun indoor Portland place to play!

We're always looking for a great place to play, especially during the cold winter in Maine. My friend meets up with us in the Portland area a few times a year since it's half-way for both of us and we love finding a cool space to talk and watch our children play together. We used to go to Westbrook's Peekaboo Center (LOVED it!) but they closed. Well, if you liked it there, you'll LOVE the Greenlight Studio that we found!

Greenlight is located on Forest Street, very easy to get to off I-95. It's this big open concept indoor play space with tons to do for children. I'd say kids less than 8 would love this place, my almost 6 year old enjoyed himself! However, there were mostly toddlers there running around.

Lots of parking right in their lot, as well as across the street in another mall lot. 

It is the most fun place! Very clean, friendly staff, amazing food- healthy, homemade, organic items, delicious food but also things the kids WILL actually eat! Free water and cups, tables and chairs right next to the play space so you could actually sit and have a smoothie or coffee and talk to your mom friend while watching the kids play! It's awesome.

There are things to climb and places to dance and play dress up. There is a craft room to color and practice cutting scissor skills. There is another room that my son loved so much, filled with trucks, tractors, trains and pirate ships. He stayed in there for a while!

This play structure was super fun! A tree fort, with baby cribs and dolls in the downstairs. My daughter could have played in there for hours!

There is a sweet grocery store section where the kids cooked food and sold vegetables from a farm stand. A doll house that my daughter enjoyed. Tons of trains and blocks to keep them busy.

This jungle gym above was the most fun part of the day! The kids had so much fun on this. 

Some tips for having fun at the Greenlight Studio:
  • Bring an extra pair of socks. It's socks-only inside and during the wintery months the space where you take your shoes off gets wet. It's good to have a spare pair to change into later. 
  •  No outside food allowed. It's delicious food in their cafe, the mozzarella basil sandwich was my personal favorite! 
  • Wacky Wednesdays - it's 50% off! $12 for two kids instead of double that. Great deal! 
  • A lot of babies and toddlers, crawlers, etc. so if you bring bigger kids (like my busy boy who is 5) watch out and talk ahead of time about being careful near the littles. 
  • Pack extra water. They are moving around having a blast here, they get hot and want a cool drink. There is extra water there, but having water bottles is helpful.
  • Put the kids in comfy clothes, not jeans. Lots of exercise here, climbing and moving.

Have a great time visiting this awesome play place! I highly recommend visiting here - and eating the yummy food!

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