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Saturday, January 2, 2016

fun at the Boston Museum of Science

We had so much fun yesterday at the Boston Museum of Science! It was a blast! SO much to do there! I wasn't sure if it would be too large or too old for my 3 1/2 and almost 6 year olds, but they found TONS to do, and we even had their younger cousins with us, one who is 2 1/2 and she loved it also!

There are so many things to look at - like a car engine, train mobile, and many fancy ships in glass cases. Then there are other things to touch - SO many hands-on activities for kids of all ages. A lot of it was over our kids' heads, too much to read on the signs, but they still found SO much interesting to keep them occupied.

There are several floors of exhibits, so much to see and do. And ESCALATORS! We spent a few times going up and down those, so that's part of the fun! There are shows to attend, movies to watch in 4D, and live animal story hours.

It's a blast. Seriously, GO! A great indoor winter activity to try. We went New Year's Day, barely any traffic heading into the city on a holiday, and tons of parking available in the parking garage right at the museum. VERY easy to get to as far as things in the city goes.

I highly recommend visiting!

This big T-Rex: clearly the BEST part of the museum! Taking pictures near this guy was my most favorite part. I could have walked around the dinosaur exhibit for hours.

If you have a dino loving kiddo, definitely take him to see these guys up close and personal. All replicas, but SO cool!

One of my favorite parts in the Museum was the Indoor Park area. Tons to do, just like an outside playground... including a running track that timed the kids - my daughter ran at least 6 times! Swings, pulleys, tons to do here! A great area for younger kids, too.

This was a fun place, because it kept the kids occupied and having fun, but also we learned a lot as adults and actually enjoyed it ourselves. This below made me stop in my tracks! No plastic bags, people!

Some things were kinda gross... like the potty... but honestly super interesting to learn about! Science is so important to teach our kids.

We stopped mid-day for some lunch in their cafeteria, which is huge, tons of seating, and YUMMY food! The food was reasonable, as far as big amusement places goes, and actually good and tons of healthy options like a taco salad and burrito station, salad bar, sandwiches, pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. Lots to choose from.

The lightning show: A MUST SEE! We loved this. It's free and runs several times during the day. It's so awesome. Only 30 minutes, so our kids lasted the whole time enjoying it. There are seats for it downstairs or upstairs. We sat upstairs on the floor and it was still awesome! Definitely make sure you attend this while at the Museum.

And downstairs there is a live animal exhibit. It's small, but still interesting to see the many reptiles - tortoises, snakes, lizards, etc.

There is a smaller kids' section near the animal exhibit where they do story hours also if you have younger kids.

A large gift shop, which actually had things of all prices there so you could stop in and find something cheap to take home as a souvenir.

Water fountains and bathrooms on every floor made this place SO easy to attend with kids!

We loved this trip!

A few tips to make your trip enjoyable at the Boston Museum of Science:

  • Pack snacks and lunches for the kids. I didn't want to wait in line any longer than I had to for my own lunch there, so I packed the kids apples, bananas, crackers, peanut butter sandwiches, and water bottles. It's just easier and it's cheaper. But the cafe food was awesome so we bought some popcorn and then our own lunches there. Definitely will want water bottles. 
  • Use the lockers. They are $1.50 and were great inside to stuff our winter jackets into. It's only a few minutes from the parking garage to get into the building... but in the winter time it felt too cold to leave the jackets in the car. 
  • Take a backpack. We kept the backpack with us all day with water bottles, snacks, camera, hand sanitizer, etc. Hand sanitizer was key! Everybody touches everything in this place! 
  • Stroller-Friendly. Tons of space for strollers, I didn't see anyone have any issues.
  • Watch something in 4D. I am SO glad we did this! They have 15 minute shows that are SO cool- tons of effects, not just on the screen. Very cool! 
  • Parking. The garage is awesome, large and right there at the Museum. It's about $20 to park.
  • Plan ahead. There are so many shows and movies to check out here that are super cool in the theaters, so plan ahead and review their schedule online to find out which times you want to be where. 
  • Find the deals.You can get in free with your teacher ID! Libraries oftentimes give out discounts also. Working for the Military also gives a discount. We only paid $7 per ticket versus $25 per ticket because my husband works at the Shipyard! GREAT DEALS! 
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Kids need comfy sneakers here. It's a lot of walking! 
  • Dress in layers. It's cold outside walking in or around the city if you go exploring, but it's warm inside with so many people and walking everywhere. Dress so you can have a T-shirt on underneath. 
  • Stick together. It's a very big place, tons of people. Make sure you talk to your kids ahead of time about sticking close together.
  • Make a day of it. It's a lot to see, do and participate in, plus you'll want a mid-day break for lunch or to just sit for a moment, so plan ahead: you're there for the day! We were in the Museum about 4 1/2 hours or so... and we missed a few exhibits. 
We LOVED this place! I know you'll have fun here, too! Enjoy exploring! 

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