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Sunday, December 27, 2015

why date nights out make you a great mom

I'm a firm believer in date nights with your partner! The past few months I'll admit my husband and I have not taken as many date nights out as I wish we had or like we did the last few years. We had a goal of monthly date nights out the last few years and it worked great, was awesome for us to take that little break. Life got super busy the last few months, but I'm hoping with a New Year coming we'll get back out there.

We do a lot of date nights IN - watching a new show or movie, popcorn and snacks, ice cream dates, etc. It's fun to make a special steak dinner or order take out and eat after the kids go to bed and just talk, sometimes play a board game.

Not all date nights need to cost a lot of money either. I know as a parent, money is always tight. So be creative- get ice cream or hot chocolate and drive around and check out holiday lights. Drive around and talk about houses you'd like someday. Go window shopping at the mall or eat at the mall- it's cheap!

Whatever you do, make sure your relationship is a priority in your life. There are times as parents - like with a newborn around - that it's harder to do this than before when you were just a couple dating and going out all the time. That's normal... but don't let it go so long before you remember that you're a couple, first, and that being a strong couple is what makes you better parents.

Here's WHY you should go out on date nights!
  • Especially for stay at home moms, it's a chance to get OUT! You deserve it!
  • It's a chance to reconnect, get on the same page, so you're a better parenting team.
  • It's a chance to be silly, remember why you fell in love, and flirt and be like you were when you were younger.
  • You need a break, and that's NORMAL and OK! 
  • Grandparents or sitters love your kids, too, it gives them a chance to be solo with them. 
  • When you take care of you and your relationship, you're more patient, appreciate your kids more, stronger as a couple.
  • IT'S FUN! Be flirty and have fun talking about things other than just taking out the trash or fixing dinner.
  • It gives you time to talk about all of those things you rarely have time to talk about at the dinner table with kids interrupting. 
  • Gives you energy, refreshes you.
  • Helps build better teamwork between the two of you- it's good to talk about what's not working in the household, like you're a business team, sometimes. 
  • Better understanding of what the other is going through, feeling, expects, needs.
  • More laughing and smiling! When you get away and are alone, you remember why you loved this person or married them.
  • You show your kids what a real relationship should be, help them see you are dedicated toward each other and this marriage. Good role models! 
  • Showing affection is positive... and you typically will show more affection toward your mate after some time alone together even just talking. This is good for kids to see, helps them feel secure and safe.
  • It's healthier to take breaks, de-stress, be a person, individual, adult sometimes.
  • It's good to feel like a woman- get dressed into something other than yoga pants, do your hair and makeup, just feel pretty. 
Here are some ideas for date nights with your partner:
  • Yoga or exercise class, run together, etc. 
  • Movie date night out or in
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner- who cares the time, just get out!
  • Financial class
  • Wander around - walk around stores, get a coffee, just talk
  • Run errands together - it's better than nothing! Grocery shop, holiday shop, birthday presents, etc.
  • Paint night out!
  • Date to the Mall. 
  • Amusement park or arcade - take your quarters and have fun! 
  • Go to a play at the theater or a local high school.
  • Visit your college and attend a sports game.

"I think in order to be the best parents we can be, we need to also make time for ourselves. That to me means also making time to ensure our relationship remains strong. We make a point to take monthly date nights, usually just out to dinner, without the kiddo. It gives us a chance to relax, enjoy a quiet meal, 
and talk about things that aren't our child." 
- Michelle, mother from Mommy Stories Facebook group

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