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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

how to entertain a big sibling while feeding a baby

This is one of the most challenging aspects to bringing home baby #2: figuring out how to make everybody happy at the same time! Yikes! I swear to you, it gets easier with practice and lots of trial and error! Be patient with yourself and your children. You'll get there.

Here are some tips for feeding your baby while entertaining your toddler or big kid. 
Thanks to the Facebook Mommy Stories mommas who shared their great ideas.
  • Check in with your big kid first before sitting down to nurse... ask if needs snack, drink, potty, etc. 
  • Set them up with a bowl of fruit, cheese, crackers, and water bottles when you sit down. 
  • Be flexible with them eating where you nurse, bend the rules a bit.
  • Put on a show while you go in another room to put baby down to nap.
  • Button Art, coloring, crafts, play doh
  • Have her clean up her toys so after Mom is done nursing, we can move on to a new activity. 
  • Nurse in the baby carrier.
  • Encourage them to feed their baby at the same time.
  • Read a story to them while you nurse baby.
  • iPad learning games. 
  • Have a basket of toys, books, games, etc. that only comes out when you're nursing, so it's new, exciting and has novelty so they are interested in it. 
  • If feeding a bottle, have big kid help you out.
A GREAT site of 35 activities to give a toddler while you're nursing!

Just know you aren't alone and you won't get it all right the first time or every time... just keep working at it, have patience for your toddler who only wants your attention and to be with you while you're with the new baby. You CAN do this... it's just going to take time.

Happy feeding!

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