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Sunday, December 27, 2015

great gifts for a friend's second baby

A friend's second baby is just as exciting as their first! It's important to recognize the birth of the second baby and spoil them like you did the first. Many people overlook this, thinking, eh, they've done this before, they don't need much... but moms of second babies are super excited to know their little one is appreciated, thought of, etc.

Here are some ideas for gifts for a second baby:
  • monogrammed blanket or attire 
  • Little sibling outfits
  • clothing- even if the same gender baby who would have all hand-me-downs, it's nice to get something new!
  • the practical stuff - diapers, wipes, pacifiers, gift card to buy items at the store, etc. 
  • something handmade or specialized from Etsy with baby's name on it
  • Baby's First Christmas ornament
  • new cups, plates, silverware, etc. you always need more of these!
  • bibs - everybody runs out of these or need new ones with second child
  • picture frames that say "big and little siblings" 
  • big and little sibling books to read
  • new wooden baby toys from Etsy, something unique that big sibling wouldn't have had
  • a new blanket - it's nice to have something specifically for the baby
  • if opposite gender: get all kinds of clothes specific to that gender
For the parents! Don't forget that yes, they've done this before... but never with TWO!
  • homemade meals- ok this one's for MOM! 
  • baby detergent
  • gift card for Shutterfly or another photo web site for baby announcements or photo books
  • date nights out - for parents!
  • nursing supplies - bottle freezer bags, cream, pump supplies, etc.
  • monthly stickers to take monthly pictures (Etsy, TJ Maxx, etc.)
  • clothing size dividers for the baby's closet
  • care package for Mom to heal - pajamas, comfy pants, nail polish, magazine, lotion, candle, snacks, etc. 
  • offers to babysit, play with the big kid, clean the dishes or fold laundry, etc. 

And remember the big sibling! 
It's always fun to give a gift to a toddler, who appreciates everything! Big siblings oftentimes feel ignored or forgotten, so make sure you toss in something small for the big sib in the present to the baby. The parents of the littles will feel so happy that you remember their big kid, too. It doesn't have to be big! Here are some ideas for the big sibling:
  • big sibling shirt 
  • crayons and coloring books - something to keep him busy while Mom is feeding newborn
  • a baby doll to care for like her new sister 
  • chalk or outdoor toys to keep busy if baby comes during the summer months - bubbles, gardening tools, sand buckets and shovels, etc.
  • a toy truck, boat, car, etc. 
  • a magnetic book to play with 
  • blocks - something that will keep the child busy
  • trains for a train table
  • bath toys
  • snacks and treats 
  • a Build-a-Bear experience - take the child out or give a gift card for the parents to have special time with big kid to build a teddy bear.
  • play doh set to keep busy
  • books about being a big sibling 
  • a new movie

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