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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Dear 3 1/2 year old Addisyn,

Dear 3 1/2 year old Addisyn,
Well, your Half Birthday was back in October, so clearly Mom is a bit behind the 8 ball here... but I'm sure you'll understand.

3 1/2! Not sure how we've gotten on the path toward 4 years old... but it's awesome! You are so independent now, confident in all that you do, and sassy as ever. Everyone tells me they love your facial features in pictures, how you smile and giggle at everything, and how you seem larger than life with your personality. You are spunky and silly, always having something to say about everything around you.

You have a Diva Face or Superhero Pose, as we call it... it's the most adorable thing I think I've ever seen from you, ever! You stand tall, strong, hand on your hip, like "Come on World, I can take you!" It's one of my goals to help you realize that you are great! To help you be proud of who you are, always, most of all when you're a teenager and nobody is proud of themselves then.

It's my goal to help you realize that you're beautiful inside and out, always. I want you to know how smart, pretty and strong you are. This is our motto, you and me. I ask you all the time, "What are you, my girl?" And you repeat "Smart in my head, pretty in my smile, and strong with my muscles!" It's cute. I hope you repeat that to me when you're 14 and 17 years old.

I want you to remember how you act now at age 3 1/2. I want you to hold onto that confidence and positive self esteem that I see in you today. That thing inside you that helps you remember YOU ROCK. That you're ALL THAT. Not better than anyone else, no not at all, but that YOU are cool, funny, smart, and everything you should be, just the way you are. No changing for others.

You think you can do anything right now. From zipping up your jacket all by yourself (so cool how quickly you learned this!) to trying to tie your shoes. You think you can do it all. Riding bikes with dresses on? No big deal. Brushing your teeth even though you're too short to reach the faucet? Whatever, you got it. I love that attitude.

Sometimes you're a bit sassy and totally moody. I've certainly said "she's 3 going on 13" a zillion times the last few months.

We have to get on your level to talk, give you lots of choices, and be gentle in disciplining the not so nice stuff. You are emotional and sweet. Kind and generous. Always trying to help others. I love that about you. Your favorite thing in the world is being the Helper at preschool.

You take a doll EVERYWHERE you go. This doll in the picture above is Abigail, you named her and she's your all-time favorite.

Literally daily you seek out a new baby doll and a new book to take with you in the car and to preschool. I gave in months ago letting you do it, because I think it's the most adorable thing.

You are a lover of books that's for sure. You read all the time. ALL the time! In the car, before bed, when you wake up, etc. And not just flipping through pages, like typical toddlers your age. No, you READ! You hold the book up like you know librarians and teachers do... and you READ your own words, making things up, looking at pictures, pointing to parts of the pages. You read to nobody, and sometimes you read to dolls. It's so sweet. I tell everyone perhaps you'll be a teacher someday, like your grandmother. I'd love that!

Ponies, baby dolls, puppies... these are a few of your favorite things and what's on your Christmas list.

I asked you last week what makes you brave... you smiled and looked at me and said, "You!"

I love this about you. You're honest and quick witted.

You build block towers and climb jungle gyms. You aren't afraid to go down the big slide now at the playground! I'm so proud of your growth and how strong you are!

You love wearing dresses. You ask me daily to wear one! And yet, your "Nike purple sneakers" are your favorite shoes, and you're covered in dirt the second we let you outside. This is just how Daddy and I talked about raising you back when you were teeny tiny wrapped up in pink blankets in the hospital. 

You love hearing about when you were a baby. You love babies in general- dolls or little cousins! I know it's way too soon to say this, but I know you'll be a great Mama someday.

I hope that as we reach your 4th birthday (WHAT?!) that you keep reaching out for my hand, like you do, and curling your hair, like you've done for years. I hope you still snuggle up to my shoulder, like you've literally done since birth. I hope you remember that you're beautiful, and smart and strong. I hope you see that I love you, more than anything, and that Dad would do anything for you- you've already wrapped him around your finger, for sure. 

I hope you continue to look up to your brother and use that sweet voice when talking to him, sometimes. I hope you don't take his crap either, or any boy's for that matter, that you continue standing up to them and people around me telling me, "Wow, she won't take anything from anyone, will she? She's strong!" Yup. 

Let's have FUN these next few months before your 4th birthday! I love spending time with you. My most favorite thing is when we go upstairs to your room, just us, and play dolls, dressing them up, and planning a Baby-doo-Birthday Party, as we call it. :) Those are things I hope you remember always, I know I will.

Stay sassy and sweet and silly and confident, little one. You're my best girl.


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