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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: the Mommy Stories Year in Review

What a year it's been! So many fun moments, difficult times, and sharing of ideas and experiences through this crazy blog I started several years ago.

It only continues to grow - with 1748 moms (and counting!) in the Facebook Mommy Stories group, and almost 200 blog posts this year... it's a fun adventure that keeps being fun for me. I'm grateful to all of you who follow along my motherhood journey and share your stories with me. I am SO honored to feature you on this blog. Constantly I'm asking you questions and seeking your ideas to feature on the blog and do two things: 1) help you feel like you're healing through whatever was going on, by sharing with others and 2) helping other moms feel less alone. I see this blog as a How-To for new mommas and those seasoned moms who have questions.

Thank you, thank you.

Here is a look back at 2015's highlights from the Mommy Stories.

Generous Mommas
One thing I'm super proud of in 2015 is that this Facebook group and blog helped more moms and families than ever before.

We adopted THREE families for Christmas - 3 moms, 1 dad, and 5 children total. They received all the gifts on their list, by generous Mommy Stories moms sending them packages! In 2014 we only adopted one family. So excited about this!

We sent cards, notes, small treats to 8 STRONG MOMMAS in a series I did on the blog in November, featuring moms who had gone through something tough and deserved some encouragement from fellow moms. I loved hearing these stories of courage and determination from everyday hard working moms.

We helped out a young mom by sending her diapers and formula, wipes, etc. This was so dear to my heart, as it was a former student of mine who we were helping. A young mom, just starting out, against many obstacles, but who graduated high school and was doing the best she could. The packages I was opening to send over to her made my day brighter.

I love that this group can be a vehicle for change - not only in the day to day business of being a busy, tired, hard working mother by answering questions and reading stories, but also in these bigger events of sending a deserving mom the things she needed for her child so she could relax a little bit, knowing she was supported, and making a single mama who was asking for help for the very first time feel better knowing everyone wanted to support her and that she was deserving of a little extra help. 

Blog Series
I love featuring series of stories on the blog each year. Every time a thought comes to mind and I find something new that hasn't been featured on my blog before I get excited.

Last January 2015, I featured two blog series, one about saving money and moms who'd used the Dave Ramsey budgeting plan, and then a Healthy Happy YOU series about getting yourself back in check with being a healthier mom and making time for yourself.

The stories of strong mommas made me feel so happy. I loved this one of my friend Christine who had a heart condition and was told she'd never have kids.... to deliver a beautiful girl and now pregnant with her second! Life is amazing. I'm so blessed to feature these wonderful stories on my blog.

Hearing about the differences between girls and boys was so fascinating to me! I'm lucky to have one of each myself. I loved reading these.

You know I'm all about self-care and making sure we take care of ourselves as individuals so we can be great mothers. The #momMEchallenge was born last year and I promoted it a lot this past year.

July was a big series month. I featured stories about miscarriages and the strength moms had to go through those... and then featured smart & savvy kids, interviewing occupational therapists and others who work with kids in professional aspects. It was so informative! 

This one is a favorite.... about mom gladiators who are out there helping out other moms.

And this one about we're not failing, we're fighting....

One of the best series all year was Hiedi  Earwood's feature on car seats. SO MUCH great information!

TONS on the blog about sending your first to Kindergarten! Lots of my emotional mess... but hopefully good resources.

And then there were the tough moments of 2015.... like when I went through a miscarriage in October. I wrote a lot about it... hoping it would help me grieve to process by writing, my way of coping, but also to help others get through it, too. This series is something I'm very proud of... I heard from so many of you that it helped you out tremendously. Thank you...

In November, we featured tiny blessings... stories about premature babies. I loved hearing these stories of courage and bravery. These moms are amazing to me.

2015 was a busy year!

I hope to see more book reviews and stories featured on my blog this year. More unique topics and interesting stories you'd want to learn more about. If you ever have a story to share, please email me at

Hope you enjoy a wonderful New Year's Eve!
Do what you love this year.

THANK YOU for following along... it means the world to me.

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