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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pumpkin Valley Farm

This was one of the most fun things we did in the fall - visiting the Pumpkin Valley Farm! SO much fun! Now going to be a yearly tradition. We bought tickets for our friend's birthday gift, I'm so glad we did. Outings are way more fun than gifts for birthdays, especially in the fall!

It's a big open field with tons to do! Animals to pet, playground equipment, a huge awesome tunnel slide, corn maze that is HUGE, treats, etc. SO awesome! We spent almost three hours there!

The corn pit above was my son's favorite thing in the world. He could have stayed in there all day long! It was a nice place to go with friends, too, as the kids were so busy we parents were able to talk.

The tire swing was cool!

This was my personal favorite at Pumpkin Valley: the corn cannon! Adults get a chance to toss them out, too! SO MUCH FUN.

And the large outdoor pillow... AHHHH this was a blast! I sat on it the whole time, too uncoordinated to stand up, but the kids LOVED it! They could have stayed at this all day, too!

The corn maze was awesome, so big and tons of room to run... but make sure you take someone experienced with you who can focus on the map so you can get out. We were in there for at least an hour, took forever! My 3 year old was melting down, thank goodness I brought a backpack full of snacks and water!

Loved the animals! Just don't get too close or they may nibble fingers!

We didn't do the hay ride to the pumpkin patch, but it looked like fun!======

We had so much fun at Pumpkin Valley! I highly recommend you check them out! :)

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