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Saturday, October 3, 2015

an interview with Katie Lee, author of Effortless Everyday

I LOVE Katie Lee's new book the Effortless Everyday and I know you will, too. Check out my blog review of her book here:

Katie was gracious enough to answer a few of my questions on how we can best use this book and sharing with us the purpose of turning our life into an effortless way of being.

Thank you, Katie!

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1. What was your purpose in writing this book?

Aside from knowing I had a lot to share I really felt called to write this book after seeing so many women bogged down with their lives to the point that they have nothing left after each day. Nothing left for the things that really make them happy and nothing left to give to the world. It made me sad to know that so many wonderful, kind and intelligent women are spending all of their energy just getting through their everyday lives. 

2. You often say “this is your whole life” what does that mean to you? (reasons to strive for an effortless everyday.) 
Vacations, special events and big moments only make up a fraction of our lives and yet most people live for that tiny fraction. When really it’s your everyday that makes up your whole life. Which means that not only should you not wait to improve your life, but you also shouldn’t wait to enjoy it. So many people say I’ll get healthy when… I’ll take a vacation when… I’ll relax when… But this is it! THIS, right now, is your whole life. Don’t wait. 

3. What are some of the changes you’ve made in your life that you’ve had success with and how did they make your life better?
This is hard to answer, because although I teach small changes I really teach a larger process for making any change. So to me I don’t identify one change so much as I relate to the entire process. If I had to narrow it down I would say that going off birth control (which I shared about in the book and in this interview [], starting our homeHAPPYhour ritual [], not taking my iPhone into the bedroom, and getting a Pingpong table are some identifiable changes that had a big impact on me. All of them made me healthier, more sane and loads happier. 

4. Near the end of the book you say “You’ve got to make room for what you want.” Can you explain that?
I can try to explain it quickly, but really that entire chapter demonstrates the message so well.  Many people (myself often included) are actively blocking good things from entering their lives. The very things they claim they want. 

You want more clients, but your schedule is completely full with other projects and fluff to-dos. You want to move your body more and get fit, but you schedule other commitments at your prime time to get some movement. You want to move, but you haven’t put your current place on the market. You want to travel, but your day-to-day is so jam-packed that everything would fall apart if you left. You want to have more art and beauty in your home, but there’s barely enough room to sit down. You want your next big idea or to write a book, but the clutter in your mind is so noisy you can’t remember basic thoughts. 

By filling up your life, mind, emotions and schedule you’re literally making it impossible for good things to fit. So instead of just wishing and hoping for what you want start actively making room. 

5. How do you think The Effortless Everyday can help busy mothers who are exhausted and never have time for anything?
If you barely have time for anything than The Effortless Everyday will help you tremendously, because even the first few steps will make a huge impact. The process in this book will help busy and tired moms have a simple method for getting to a place in their days where they aren’t so busy and exhausted. Yes of course at first they’ll have to dig deep into what’s working and what’s not, but very quickly the momentum will carry them through many of the steps. The biggest thing they should know (which is hard given all of the noise aimed at mothers in our society) is that the way it is is not the way it has to be. There are other options for your everyday life and there is a process for getting to those options.

6. Where do you think a busy mom should start with wanting to make changes in her life?
I think she should start with the book. Truly. Showing yourself how committed you are to improving your life is powerful. And you do that by making the time and getting the resources that will help you to be successful. I walk through the process from the very beginning so diving into the book is really the first step. 

7. What does an Effortless Everyday look like?
There is no one way to have an Effortless Everyday. It will be different for everyone. But you’ll know you’ve got one (or are getting closer) by how it feels. 

It feels spacious, peaceful, happy and abundant. Like there's room for the good stuff. An Effortless Everyday gives you extra time and energy to do what you really want. 

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