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Friday, October 16, 2015

a miscarriage story : resources, support

After finding out about my miscarriage, I sought information. I wanted to know more. I didn't understand. I found so much support and women who wrote about their miscarriage experiences. It's so much more common than I imagined… I don't say that to scare those who are pregnant, but so that you know you aren't alone. Here are a few resources that I found helpful.

image from Maggie Downs, author of the final article on this page

Coping with a miscarriage

"You have been a mother since you conceived. The loss of your baby doesn’t make you less of a mother, nor does an early loss ‘count less’."

Advice and support after miscarriage

"Take your time to grieve. I really beat myself up because I was 'only' seven weeks pregnant when we miscarried. But as soon as you find out you are expecting, you begin to dream. Those hopes and dreams need to be grieved, along with the loss of the child."

What I learned when I announced my pregnancy loss

I learned that you'll hold on to plans you already lived, in dreams you yearn to remember. A baseball game with his father. A night of endless cuddles with you. They'll turn into imprints of a life you could have lived if it all went how you planned. 
I also learned that I am not alone."

Home Little Angel
"To anybody enduring similar heartache, I will tell you what I'm feeling and processing as a result of this loss: A lot of confusion, some anger, deep sadness, and also an immense amount of gratitude.  I have realized in the past forty-eight hours how incredibly grateful I am for the magic that I have in my life."

Let's talk about miscarriage
"So many stories reflect the intangible nature of grieving for an early miscarriage. The wanted child that never was, who leaves behind such an enormous void of missed plans."

5 Reasons I'm grateful for my miscarriage
"I must’ve asked myself a thousand times why it happened. What was the purpose? Was there a reason? Whywhywhy?"

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