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Friday, September 4, 2015

what to pack in a Kindergarten backpack

There is so much to know about sending a child to Kindergarten! It's a bit overwhelming, lots of questions.

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Here are some ideas from real moms in the Facebook Mommy Stories group about what to send in your little guy or gal's Kindergarten backpack.

First, you want a backpack that's big enough for library books to be put in, along with a lunch bag or whatever else you are sending.
  • change of clothes, including socks - put in large Ziplock bag so they don't get dirty and so the dirty clothes could go into the Ziplock bag if needed. Remember to change out each season.
  • sneakers for PE gym days
  • wet ones
  • comb
  • Chapstick
  • hand sanitizer
  • laminated picture of family in case he misses you 
  • laminated card with information - name, address, phone numbers, etc.)
  • extra sweatshirt for chilly days
Happy packing!

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