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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kindergarten: a poem about our babies heading off to school by Edie Rossborough

I am part of a great group of moms local to where I live. One super mama in that group, Edie Rossborough posted this very sweet poem about sending her little one to Kindergarten. I had to re-post it here with her permission. So sweet and sums up the New Mom to Kindergarten experience!

Thank you, Edie, for sharing!


Six short years and here I stand
With my baby hand in hand
To put the miles between
Waiting on the yellow bus
To put the miles between us.
No longer mine the whole day through
Off to school with lots to do

Friends to make, new things to know,
I really hate to see him go.
I’ve been here now three times before,
Watched my heart walk out that door,
Lunch bag, backpack, smiling face,
The whole world ready to embrace.

And every time the tears just flow.
You’d think by now I’d be a pro.
Alas, I’m not, so here I stand
With Kleenex in my other hand,
Being brave, no tears he'll see. 

But when that bus takes him from me
All bets are off, that’s when I’ll cry,
Roots to grow and wings to fly.

Goodbye my boy, be good, have fun,
And know that when your day is done
That bus will rumble down our street
And return to me my boy so sweet.

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