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Friday, July 31, 2015

smart & savvy - book - Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals

This was the best book about sensory concerns! This was the specific one I was looking for, that included direct suggestions on what you can do when you see your child do xyz behaviors that are linked to sensory overload.

There are SO many behaviors kids will exhibit if they are struggling with sensory issues. I had no idea that some of these behaviors I've seen in other kids could be linked back to their nervous systems and sensory concerns. This was a very enlightening book, an easy read, and definitely a book you should purchase and have on the shelf if you think your child struggles with sensory issues.

I highly recommend this book to parents, educators, etc.

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Understanding Your Child's Sensory Signals 
by Angie Voss, OTR 

The entire book is a long list of behaviors kids may struggle with and what it means for them sensory speaking, then each topic has between 5-10 suggested activities you can do to promote a strong sensory experience and diet for that struggle. 

A few topics I found interesting:
  • Force is used when handling objects like pencils, handles, etc. To help this, encourage heavy hard work like pushing things. Use play doh or other putty in the hands. Bounce on a ball. 
  • Gets easily frustrated. To help this, don't talk right away, wait, the child can't focus at this time. Take a break involving movement. Provide a pillow or cave/tent for the child to "retreat" to. 
  • Touches everything they pass. To help this, provide a fidget toy when out and about. Have an animal to pet. Explore various textures in nature. 
  • Change in routine causes distress. To help this, try to stick to a routine schedule, give a warning of changes, talk about the day. Use pictures to show the activities of the day if needed. Use more movement in a time where the routine has changed. 
  • Climbs on others/ doesn't respect personal space. To help this, increase heavy work. Give lots of bear hugs. Try massage. 
There is so much to this book, I'm barely scratching the surface with these suggested activities. You will LOVE this book! 

The end of the book had many useful informational sheets about why kids with sensory issues may misbehave, what it means in terms of sensory overload, as well as what specifically sensory issues are caused by. 

A great resource! Hope you find it informative. 

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