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Monday, August 31, 2015

farm fun!

We love being outside, frolicking in the sunshine and grass underfoot. It's our favorite! On our last official day of summer and the 31st of August, it was SO nice to be outdoors in the early evening for a fun fall farm festival of sorts! Right up the road from our home, we have found these wonderful people and their beautiful farm. I am so grateful to them for opening up their land for the rest of us to experience the magic that is living on a farm and just BEING outdoors, simply.

Thank you to Jackie for hosting such a fun afternoon yesterday! She is the Super Mama (no really, she IS like Super Woman, as she does and makes it ALL! I admire her so!) of the blog Born Imaginative. You can follow her on Facebook here:
and check out her blog here:

We visited this farm last summer and had a blast! This summer was even more fun!

My favorite part is that Jackie opens up her farm simply because she wants to share the great life she has there. She wants other children to explore, to learn, to be simply outside and enjoying nature. She wants to share her own gratitude for living this life. It's inspiring. I love it every time.

What's even more wonderful is that the children get to choose a place to donate the money raised at this event. All of the money will go toward helping others in need. This year, Jackie's children chose to donate the money toward families in need of a water well. I love this!

Of course, the best part is dressing up like the cowboys and cowgirls, farmers and farmer ladies that we are! My kids are obsessed with John Deere and work boots so this is never difficult for us!

Petting bunnies, baby chicks, chickens, goats and cows... what more could you ask for?

Well, hello there!

My son was enthralled with the baby calf. He repeated his name over and over about a zillion times, "Oliver... Oliver... here, Oliver... here..." So sweet.

My handsome (almost Kindergartener) boy.

Looking for crickets to feed the pet frog!

So fun! A teepee!

We were happy Dad could join us this year. He's better at finding crickets than I am.

An outdoor puppet show, how creative!

My cowgirl loved riding these ponies!

She's wearing my old dress, too, from thirty years ago! I wore it when I was three years old like she is. My Memere sewed it for me. How special.

His grandparents have goats, so he's an old pro at this!

These signs, simply, were my favorite.

Well, next to the homemade popcorn and lemonade, of course.

What else can I explore, she's asking?!

My happy farm girl! We already know her next birthday party theme: ponies, farmer girls and cowgirls! Can't wait.

My kids could have stayed at this artwork table all evening!

I am in love with lemonade in the summer. Who isn't?!

But even more so, I loooove lemonade in glass jars like this. It's just fun and old fashioned and farm-feeling. I love it. I'm going to find a big jar like this ASAP.

The cookie and coconut (I think!) dessert in the white dish... yummmmmy.

Sunflower season is surely my favorite.

Face painting and ride-on toys. Little chicks in little barns to play with. Blankets to lay on. Chickens walking by underfoot. Grass galore. Crickets chirping. Chalk to write with. Popcorn to munch, next to juicy watermelon. Two little farmer children showing the rest of us the ropes, saying hello to new friends, explaining the names of the animals and where you can find the best crickets.

It was such a fantastic afternoon on the farm!

Always, after a time on the farm, my kids are refreshed and happily sleepy.

Did I mention how much we LOVE this farm?!

Thank you, Jackie, for having us. It was such a lovely afternoon. A perfect way to end our summer.

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