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Friday, August 14, 2015

book - Mommywood by Tori Spelling

Who loved the show 90210?! Everyone who grew up in the 90s I'm sure! Who also loved Tori Spelling, aka Donna Martin? ME, this girl did, that's who! I loved that show, so when my friend told me a few years ago that Spelling wrote a book I was ecstatic. Her first book sTori Telling was awesome! Her second book Mommywood was just as great.

Spelling has such a wit and sarcastic humor about her that is refreshing. It's such an easy read, I read these books in two days. I'm currently reading her third book and have the fourth on the nightstand. She's just a breath of fresh air to read from, something light and funny to keep me laughing, and it's interesting learning about a famous person from her own words.

I recommend Spelling's books to all ladies, for something lighthearted to keep you distracted from your own crazy life. Her book Mommywood though is a great one for all moms, especially those about to have #2, she wrote a lot about having the second baby in this book, which I found awesome since when I was pregnant with #2 not many people wrote about it.

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Written in 2009, Spelling dictates in her book about how she wants to "live the normal life" with her family of four (husband, son and daughter). She wants to be famous and have a great business that is her name Tori Spelling, including reality TV show, yet she always wants to bake cakes and live in a neighborhood where her kids can grow up with real friends up the street. She's fancy and famous, over the top with birthday party planning, yet she's also down to earth and pretty normal. She talks about being spit up on and breastfeeding and messy diapers. It's great reading about these normal things from someone so famous.

Spelling is candid, hilarious and real. I love those things in a famous person, don't you?!

"What I have come to grips with is that there isn't one perfect way to raise a child. Maybe our bond is closer when we spend time together, but it doesn't disappear when I work. It's not the time, it's not the caregivers, it's not one interaction on one day. It's everything put together. Those hours and days, those choices we make as parents, little and big, they all add up. My goal is to make them add up to the strongest relationship possible." (page 58)

Spelling wrote a lot about how she hasn't got it all figured out just yet. She's still learning how this motherhood thing goes, as a  mom to two (in about a year) she's busy and she's working full time and doing the best she can. I read from her book the message that it's OK, however we do this motherhood thing, it's all good, just do your best to figure it out.

"Our relationships with our children are always works in progress." (page 183)

Certainly her life is not like yours or mine. It's definitely fancier and with more money and luxuries. However, she's a mom with a stroller that she can't figure out how to fold back up to put into her car. She's a mom with babies crying and having to pull over from driving to feed them. She's messy and doesn't have her hair done after a night up with the kids crying. It's all motherhood stuff. I found that so interesting to read, that of course famous people have normal motherhood experiences just like we do. It's great to relate in that way.

"The truth is that ninety percent of my life is the same as everyone else's: I go to work every day. I love my husband, we have disagreements, we continue to love each other and try to make our time together special. I have friends who mean the world to me and who annoy me and who help me navigate my life. And I'm especially like everyone else when it comes to the mommying parts. I worry about my kids when they're sleeping; I try to get them to eat the right foods; I hope they're having fun as they start to make sense of the world; I want them to make friends, to grow, to thrive, to love and be loved. I really want to connect and talk and commiserate with others about it all, and it's kind of a bummer that celebrate - that other ten percent of my life - always seems to get in the way." (page 195)

"If you don't let it get to you, figuring out the details of a life that keeps changing is the fun part. I'm not worried about the future. Whatever happens, Dean and I will find our balance. We love our children. We love each other. Time, vacations, adventures - they're all secondary to love." (page 215)

I feel like this could make a great baby shower gift for a mom about to have #2 or even #1. There's tons of advice and things to laugh about in this book. It's a huge book about basically a small but important message: you're doing just fine, moms.

"But one thing I've realized about being a mother is that I don't have to figure it all out overnight. I'll make mistakes, but if I continue to be thoughtful and present, I'll notice them and try to fix them. As a mom I want always to be a work in progress." (page 233)

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