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Sunday, August 23, 2015

a basket of Sunshine!

I love random gifts of love. I love to give them, thinking of a friend, cheering someone up, making someone smile. Is there any greater thing in life than seeing someone you love happier because of something you made or did for them? It's awesome!

Well, it's even more awesome I suppose to receive such a gift!

My dear friend, Heather (the one I started this blog for as a baby shower gift way back when!) created this AMAZING gift of love for me: a Sunshine Basket!

I've heard of this before on Pinterest and thought it was the cutest idea ever.

I'm so grateful my friend thought of me and my husband and children and made us our very own Sunshine Basket!

We've had a busy, difficult summer, with my father-in-law diagnosed with cancer. My friend wanted to do something to let us know she is thinking of us, that we're not alone in this fight, and that there are sweet things to smile about in life, despite how tough some other things are right now.

It's the sweetest gift! I had to feature it on the blog, because I know some other moms will love this idea for a friend. I think it makes a great gift for a new mother, also, or one who has experienced the unfortunate situation of a miscarriage. I know many moms struggle with what to do to support a friend who has a sick child, this would be a great gift to let her know you are thinking of her.

Some of the items in the Basket included:
  • bag of oranges and lemons, tied up in cellophane with a yellow ribbon
  • yellow bucket
  • sweetest card ever about not giving up, keep going, encouragement, etc. 
  • $10 to Dunkin Donuts for coffee
  • yellow bath loofa
  • yellow straws and cups
  • Ice orange drinks
  • yellow candle
  • Nature Valley oats and honey granola bars
  • Goldfish for the kids
  • yellow pasta (my favorite, she knows!)
  • yellow corn chips 
  • Annie's Macaroni and Cheese 
  • peanut butter crackers
  • crayons
  • sparkling Sicilian Lemonade (MY FAVORITE from Hannaford!!!)
  • sparkling Coconut Lime (Yum!)
  • a chalk board with a cute note on it 
  • water bottles for the kids 

It's the little things that count. I also love that she included the kids by putting in snacks for them and water bottles for them.

Everything was small, cheap but not junk we don't want in the house. She was conscious in doing that, choosing things we actually could use and that would make us smile- all with the yellow theme, of course.

How creative and fun! 

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