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Friday, July 10, 2015

York's Wild Kingdom

We vist York's Wild Kingdom every June with our family. It's so much fun! We grew up here so it's a tradition that has been around for a very long time.

The first part of the zoo is the monkey exhibit, which is awesome, it's our favorite!

The most gorgeous lions and tigers...

OK maybe I lied, the monkeys are not as cool as the feeding real deer exhibit. It's awesome!

Make sure you bring quarters so you can feed the ducks and deer! I always forget this, so I'm writing it down here in hopes of helping out another mom!

The food inside the zoo area is CASH only, so either bring lunches with you or cash. The food area outside the zoo takes debit cards. We always pack our own lunches because it's cheaper, healthier and also just plain easier with kids. Kids in the sunshine, walking around a lot - well they get hungry, NOW, so it's good to have food on hand to give them when not everyone wants to sit down to eat but wants to keep walking around.

Regardless of age of your kids (at least younger than 5) you'll want a stroller or a wagon to put everything in (sunblock, water bottles, snacks, etc.).

Feeding goats- so much fun! Make sure you have quarters to buy some food for them.

These babies above were born two hours before we arrived!

The zoo is not large. It's easy to walk around. There are also camel rides and paddle boats to check out if you want. I'd say it takes at most an hour to go around. It's good to get there early in the morning when they open, as later in the day it's more crowded, harder to find parking, and also the animals get tired and sleepy in the hot weather so they may not be as cool to watch.

On to the amusement side of the park after seeing the animals.

Note: To leave the zoo, you have to walk through their gift shop to get out to the amusement area. Just be warned before you have screaming kids who want to buy things! We always promise fried dough or ice cream or something on the way out of the zoo instead.

We used to ride these same amusement rides as kids! Crazy how time flies :)

OK the kids roller coaster = SO MUCH FUN!

I'm not even kidding. I hate roller coasters, but this one is for kids and it's awesome. We went twice in a row!

Overall, a fun place! On the other side of the amusement park is Short Sands Beach in York with more fun. Eating at The Daily Grind for sandwiches or snacks, or at The Goldenrod for family friendly meals (including kids' waffles or pancakes all day long!) and the BEST salt water taffy around - those are great places to make a full day of it.

What to bring:

  • sunblock
  • water bottles
  • snacks and/or lunch
  • hats or sunglasses 
  • sneakers - it's not tons of walking, but enough that sneakers are helpful especially for the kids
  • stroller or wagon to put everything in
  • cash if eating inside the zoo area
  • quarters to feed ducks, goats, deer
  • camera! and make sure YOU get a Mom in the Picture, too! 

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