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Friday, July 31, 2015

why we love the beach

We LOVE the beach!

We are so fortunate to live by the ocean. It's our favorite thing in the world to quickly change our clothes, pack up our towels and shovels, and head off to the beach.

Here are a few reasons we looooove the beach!

We love sunshine. The beach gives you the best spot to spend some time in the sun. Make sure you pack the sunscreen!

Because at the beach you can take the BEST pictures! Seriously. Take your camera to the beach, make sure it's wrapped up so it's not sandy later. It's the best place to snap cute candids of your kids having a blast.

The sand, waves, rocks, cool water, blue skies, and just calming sense of the beach leads to PURE JOY on my kids' faces!

We love the beach because we can still feel little next to it... despite how big we've grown lately!

It's colorful! Bathing suits, sunglasses, blue skies, sunshine, rocks, water sparkling... so colorful and fun!

Because at the beach we don't care what we look like. Mismatched tops and bottom bathing suits. Sunglasses that are silly but fun. It's a lllll good.

And the snuggle pictures. Those are fun, too.

Because Mamas can SIT down for a few! (Well, that's only if your kids are older than 2 years old, in my experience... before that, all they do is RUN toward the waves and it's hard to sit down!).

Moms can catch a break, a quick one at least, while enjoying the sunshine.

Kids are grateful. They  LOVE exploring the beach.

Beaches are the perfect space for a picnic dinner... at like 4 p.m. because the salty air makes us hungry!

We can learn new things... like surfing and wave riding... at the beach. How fun!

We love the beach because we can be barefoot. Who doesn't like being barefoot?

Everything is new and exciting by the ocean. Feathers are glorious tools to be a princess!

It's gorgeous.

Seriously breathtaking. The beach is so amazing.

We are so lucky.

Oh, how we love the ocean. 

We know we are so lucky to live here. We know this. We talk about this as a family every time we go to the beach. That's the #1 thing I love about the beach: that we don't take it for granted. All the memories we make here... in this same spot where I grew up as a child... it's the best thing in the world. 

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