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Friday, July 31, 2015

we love the island life

My dad lives on an island in northern Maine. He's a lobsterman and every year we get the BEST adventures while we're there! Here is our July trip to Frenchboro Island.

Breathtaking views!

Tired mama, but sweet daughter snuggling with me :)

This is my kids' favorite trip of the year. They LOVE going to see their Papa on the island!

We feel so grateful to experience this Maine adventure!

My favorite part: the seals! :)

Sassy 3 year olds who fall asleep on my chest on the boat ride home... heaven!

Of course since it's a mini weekend vacation away, we eat SMORES! 

We love the moment I dress them up (they hate that part!) and take cute pictures at the rocky beach.

Mom in the picture! #mominthepic

Our Christmas cards are usually full of these pictures... it's such a beautiful spot.

This year we ended our weekend with a boat ride to a restaurant on a dock over the water!

My son even tried mussels! Wow!

Such a great weekend.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Maine coastline - by boat - you MUST!

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