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Saturday, July 25, 2015

tractors, tractors everywhere!

We heard about this amazingly awesome Eliot Tractor Show last summer from my lovely friend over at Born Imaginative blog,, but we had not yet made it to the event. It's been on my Summer To Do List for months, waiting for it to come around. We wanted to see what all the tractor fun was all about.

Now that we've gone last night, I cannot believe we have not known about this for the last four years of my tractor-John-Deere-loving-and-obsessed-son's life! He'd have had a blast at this at two years old! Now he's 5 1/2 and LOVED it for sure. We'll be making this an annual trip now!

So many tractors to sit on, and then some to just look at, as they are antiques.

As a granddaughter of a grandfather who used to have an oooooolllllllddddd Bolens' riding lawn mower that we called a tractor, I was in antique nostalgia heaven last night seeing all of these old machines and picturing the old farmers and grandfathers who used to run them around big old farm fields. How fun to imagine!

New and old, they were still A-MA-ZING to my little guy!

He, of course, had to wear his John Deere hat and his work boots to this tractor show, "because that's what tractor guys wear, Mom."

And so my Diva Daughter needed her John Deere dress. This dress was handmade by some wonderful person who then had a yard sale, where my good friend's older sister snatched it up for me, just KNOWING it was perfect for my then 1 year old daughter! She's now worn this dress three summers in a row! It was huge on her, and now it's a bit snug... we'll be retiring it after this summer, I'm afraid, but I believe it'll be one that we pass down to her daughter someday. I just love this little thing!

I needed more pictures of her in it... so here we are, posing with tractor wheels, of course!

Large open fields.
Tractor wheels.
Steering wheels to take you places in your mind.
Really fun bucket loaders, as my son told me they are called, to stand inside and feel like you aren't so big anymore.

SO.MUCH.FUN and exploring!

They ran like this (above) the whole time, almost hand in hand, bumping into each other with their excitement. It was an open field of fun. Way cooler than an amusement park.

That snack shack white building in the back was a fun pit stop when the rain showered for a few moments. Strawberry shortcake, ice cream, spaghetti dinner, fries, and other treats. Yummy!

The look of wonder in a boy's face, surrounded by his favorite thing in the entire world, up close and personal, right there to touch and pretend you are a real live farmer... oh this was his favorite day ever.

And then to find a REAL tractor with YOUR last name on it?! 

THAT is the coolest! 

Unfortunately since we went the first night of the event, Friday, these little buggies weren't riding yet. I'd suggest going on Saturday or Sunday of the event, which we'll do next year, so you can get your kids a ride in these. We were disappointed, but hey, we're newbies to this tractor show thing, we'll turn it around next year. We have plans the rest of this weekend. We still had fun pretending in these guys though!

Ice cream time! The best! 

I'd say they are fans of the tractor show.

A big serious face, as he buckled himself up and told me all about what he was going to do with this big old tractor.

The delight in my boy's face was the best part of this event.

It was so much fun! An easy, simple, short event - we spent an hour there. It was quiet on Friday night, so if you're looking for something easy to do, head there early.

I'm sure it's busier Saturday and Sunday with more fun things to check out, so don't miss this event, the last weekend of July!

Tips for a fun tractor show experience:
  • Wear cute John Deere and country-loving attire. It makes for fun pictures! 
  • Bring your nice camera, plenty of great pictures to snap as they explore the fun machines.
  • Bring cash for things like the tractor rides and getting in - it was $6 for adults and kids under 12 years old were FREE - looooove that! A kid-friendly event where they are FREE, perfect! 
  • The snack shack took debit cards. 
  • Wear shoes that can get a little wet or muddy if it rained. You park and walk over grass.
  • A stroller was helpful to put our water bottles, camera, etc. as we walked around. A wagon would be even more fun if the kids wanted to stay in it... mine would never, they were running around having too much fun to sit still! 
  • Go on the weekend days for more kid events, Saturday or Sunday.

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