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Friday, July 10, 2015

sweet summer - JUNE adventures!

Oh, sweet, sweet summer! I'm so grateful to be home with my kids in the summer, as I work in a school. It's so great having time to lounge in the morning, eat a slow breakfast, not rush out the door.

We always take "adventures" as my kids call them! They ask me every single morning, "Where are we going today, Mom? What are we going to do?" I love it. We don't spend a lot of money on most of our adventures either, a lot of it is something free - outside, parks, playgrounds, library story hours, etc. There is so much you can do in Maine for free! Love it!

We always love the Memorial Day parade!

Strawberry picking is usually next on our list of must dos in the summer! It's so much fun.

Touch-a-Truck event - SO FUN! If you've never done this with your kids, you must find one near you and GO!

York's Wild Kingdom is an annual event with our family.

LAKES and OCEANS... we're so lucky here in Maine!

SO important to be sure you get yourself in the picture, too, moms!

(yes, that life jacket doesn't fit, he was playing around)

BEACH DAYS! We go to the beach on the first day of summer EVERY year. It's awesome. Such a fun tradition. The look on my kids' faces... priceless!

So far, June was a great start to our summer!

The rest of June I spend catching up on things... laundry, email, paperwork, organizing clothes in the closet, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, etc. It's a good balance of fun and productivity! 

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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