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Monday, June 29, 2015

strength & courage: miscarriage stories

Recently, a mom who had experienced a miscarriage messaged me an anonymous question. She was feeling alone, overwhelmed, exhausted, and scared. She seemed like she had nobody to talk to. So many supportive comments were replied to the anonymous question in the Facebook Mommy Stories group, I was so moved by this.

It is a topic most don't talk about... yet here was this mom struggling and then receiving such great support from moms who WERE willing to open up about their experiences with miscarriages. Nobody was alone anymore.

So this next series on the blog is about strength and courage, getting through the loss of a baby or babies.

I'm so grateful to the moms who have opened up and shared their stories, and even more to those who have agreed to join a Miscarriage Support Moms list (15 moms joined!) to offer one-on-one support to moms in the future who experience miscarriages.

Let's start talking more, moms. It's OK to open up about the tough stuff.

I have several moms who are willing to open up about their experiences with going through a miscarriage. I admire their honesty and willingness to help others. Every one of them has agreed, "If I can help someone else, it's worth talking about."

Here's to the strong mommas... so many of you out there. I admire all of you.

It's more common than we think. 
As many as 75% of all conceptions miscarry.
About 30% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.
About 15-20% of all confirmed pregnancies can end in miscarriage.

So many women go through this, so let's begin talking about it. There is nothing to feel ashamed about. It's OK to reach out for help.


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