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Sunday, June 28, 2015


We love fruit, but we love even more picking fruit and eating it! YUMMY!

I look forward to taking these pictures every year!

Sassy girls can also be sweet!

They get so excited seeing the fruits of their labor!

My favorite part about strawberry picking... yes, of course, it's the pictures!

I've learned as a mother that YOU need rain boots yourself! It's so much fun. I feel like a kid when I wear them.

My tips for a great strawberry picking experience with kids:

  1. Bring a camera and make that your focus, instead of you picking tons of berries yourself. With the camera, get down low, see the experience from their point of view. 
  2. Dress them cute. Rain boots are the best for this! 
  3. Bring a bowl or bucket so you don't have to pay extra for their boxes. However... I always pay the 50 cents it costs for the green buckets the kids use... they make for cute pictures, and it's the real deal that way! 
  4. LAUGH. It's so fun! 
  5. Eat a berry :) 

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