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Sunday, June 28, 2015

a birth story - Heather Martin

Thank you to Heather Martin for sharing her birth story - from planned to unplanned, and yet in the end she has the sweetest baby girl!

Images shared from Heather Martin

1.What happened the day your baby was born? Did your water break, and if so, where were you, how did that feel? Who took you to the hospital? What helped you during labor (ice chips? music? etc.)? Any funny or scary stories about the labor itself or the birth? How long was your labor, start to finish? 
My due date was July 25, 2 weeks later they said that they wanted to start to induce me, and I asked for the weekend, give me the weekend, I'll go in Sunday. So Aug 4, we heading into the hospital. My Hubby Bob took me in, Sunday night, we went and dropped our dog Lucy off at camp for a few days. drove there. Sunday night started the meds, so I could start poticen on Monday morning. Walked around sunday night, enjoyed dinner, hanged out. Monday morning my MIL came to wait with us, my dad (and his girlfriend) and sister came down from Maine. So we spend all day monday waiting, on Poticen, kept moving it up, had to call the dr to get the order to go higher. Monday around 4, my first 24 hours of waiting, no change so off the meds, they let me eat. SO I made them order from this burger place right down the street, and they gave a little sleeping pill to help me sleep that night. we all night long i was have contractions but only on the monitor, I wash't feeling them, so I was happy, thought it would be easy.  

Well Tuesday morning I sent Bob home to shower and take a little nap. The Dr came in, and check me, after all night, I was only 1 cm, STILL!!!! No Change!!!!! So he wanted to try to take a folly catheter and blow it up and try to get my to dilate that way, so we could go in and break my water, sounds great right?? HELL NO, that hurt sooooo bad, so ater 2 tries they give up, and back on Poticen I go till about 4 in the afternoon, 48 hours after I came in. I bounced on the yoga ball, I walked the halls, I walked my room, I watched everyone eat subway, drink coffee, oh and I couldnt eat other then jello and water. my dad was sitting on the yoga ball saying that I was lying and that I wasnt preg, that i just wanted to hang out with everyone. he was being silly. So 4 on Tuesday I called it, i didnt know what the effects of poticen on the baby was, or even my self. Bob and I talked about it doing for a CS, and getting her out. So 8 PM on Tuesday I walked into to the OR, sat on the table and started. my Nurses and DR were great. they kept me laughing. my DR asked me my name, ( did that about 1000000 times) I started to say my name, Heather Martin Date of Birth 10/29/79 I am her for a CS, and started to cry, and she comes over and looks at me and tells me No crying in the OR, we dont have time, all while she is laughing, and my nurse was great, she kept telling me that everything was going to be okay and that soon my daughter would be here. 8:26 pm Taylor Noel Martin was born, 7 lbs, 14 oz, 19 in. and a score of 9 out of 10!

2. What did you pack in your hospital bag? 
Everything, swim suit, I wanted to spend some time in the tub, shorts, underwear, tank tops, clothing for the baby, both newborn and 0 to 3 months, Didnt know how big she would be. breast pump, boppy pillow. 
What did you forget to pack that you recommend pregnant moms to be pack in theirs? 
3. What was the best part about your hospital stay (besides meeting your little one of course)? 
The nurses, one of them became a friend, and they really made my stay.
4. What was the worst part about your hospital stay (besides the labor of course)? 
One of the night nurses, she was a pain in my a**, I asked for Taylor to be in nursey for about 2 hours or so I could get some rest, well 10 mins after leaving the room, she was back, they took her temp and she filled out.
5. What is your advice for new parents for surviving the hospital stay and making it more comfortable? 
Bring snacks for those late night feedings, a pillow and blanket for dad. Enjoy your time.
6. How soon after you got home after the hospital stay did you feel back to *slightly normal*? 
After having a CS, took me a few weeks, I couldnt do stairs by my self for a week or so, but other then that, I felt, and still feel like I failed in my birth, having a CS was not the easy way out, I would have loved to know what contractions felt liked, or what does it feel like when you water breaks, or even having to push.
7. What was it like the first moment you saw your baby or held your baby? 
It was unreal.

8. Anything you would do differently? 
Other then going with my birth plan, but she didn't want to come out.
9. What is your advice to moms headed for labor soon? 
Don't stress about the small things. Don't stress about your birth plan, it will all work out in the end.

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