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Saturday, May 9, 2015

motherhood is a gift

It's Mother's Day weekend, and that makes me stop and reflect about the kind of mother I am, the one I want to be "when I grow up!" 

The last few days on Facebook and Instagram, as I scroll online, I see numerous quotes and pictures of motherhood, so many blog posts trying to capture exactly what this mother load is all about. It's difficult and easy all in the same breath to explain what it's like to be a mother. 

For me, it's simple and yet overwhelming. It's easy and the most challenging thing I've ever done, being a mommy. 

Some days I think, I've got this, completely, totally, I'm awesome. Other days, it's an uphill battle to make it to noon when I know I'll find a reprieve if they would just settle in for their nap.

Motherhood is bliss. It's laughter and tears streaming down my face- from watching them grow too quickly and also from laughing so hard at the way they pronounce words that I end up in tears.

It's more hugs and kisses than I ever could imagine, yet feeling like I need to give them even more.

It's daily "I love yous" and hand holding, and realizing how their hand fits in mine and how it won't always be that way. 

Motherhood is hard. It's a juggling act. It's doing one thing (like giving a speech at your best friend's wedding in front of 150 people) while your child needs you to do another thing (like let him try out the microphone himself!). It's doing 10 things at once, and wondering if you're doing any of them the right way or well.

It's daily questioning if you're screwing something up, or if you've just done the best thing ever based on the look your child is giving you.

Being a mom means always being in charge, in control, with knowledge, even if you don't feel like you are.

It's leading the way, following an unknown path, and doing the best we can.

It's feeling like we've failed, and then succeeded, and then failed again.
It's developmental milestones and phases and terrible sleep regressions. All of which WE are in charge of soothing our babies through.

It's the biggest job there is. 

It's eating Goldfish and Cheez-Its, grapes and carrot sticks for our own lunches sometimes because that's what is left over and there is not enough time to sit and prepare a healthy salad. 

It's wondering at night if we did it the right way, that discipline tactic we tried, and feeling guilty, oh the guilt we feel, it sometimes is worse than labor itself. 

Motherhood is crazy. And exhilarating and sweet. 

Motherhood is filled with food... from our bodies, from our cupboards, from our pockets and purses and drive throughs. It seems we're always in need of snacks!

Motherhood is busy. Never-ending, never stopping, always on the go.

It's slowing down, too, though, for the sweet moments, that we don't want to pass us by.

It's cameras and crayons, bottles and burp cloths, body changes and disappointments laced with grace and surprises. 

Motherhood is life-changing. 
Regardless of how we got here - adoption, conception, fertility support. 
Never mind how we fed them - formula, pumping, nursing or all of the above. 
It's not about their diapers - cloth or Luvs or Huggies or Pampers Swaddlers. 

It's about the love that we give to them and that they give back to us. 
Motherhood is all about the love.

Sometimes motherhood is doing too much, or doing things we don't want to do at all (like go swimming in the cold lake!) just because we know it'll bring a smile to our child's face. 

And that's the whole point of motherhood, isn't it? To bring the smiles?

It's figuring it out even when we're confused. 
It's never quitting, stopping or giving up. 

Being a mommy is sacred, and yet universal. 
It's a one-of-a-kind type of life experience, that we're so grateful to have. 

Motherhood is packing bags, folding clothes, matching socks, and finding the right headband or pin for the hair. 

It's making sure the shoes match, the sizes fit, and they have what they need for swim or soccer. 
It's getting there on time, or a little late, and bringing a gift. 

Motherhood is smiling for the picture even though you're wearing yoga pants and a big T-shirt and your hair is a mess or not showered, because your child asks you to "say cheese Mama!" 

It's writing the thank yous and sending the text messages to plan the play dates. It's library story hours, and carpooling and practices. It's School Open House and Mother's Tea and all of those wonderful yet busy events we aim to never miss. 

It's always packing something to carry, lifting, bending, and hard on your back.

Motherhood is hard. So hard.
But it's always worth trying again and getting it right.

Motherhood is heaven on earth, true love, and the greatest honor.
It's strength and courage, plus physical labor and work ethic. It's time management, organization skills, and communication all in one package.

Motherhood is making memories, something to hold on to, and raising the future leaders of tomorrow.

It's a gift. 
A rare, beautiful, inspiring gift, that we are so fortunate to have been given. 

Happy Mother's Day, mommies! 

I hope you realize today how great you are. Take a moment to reflect on the things that you do every day, and what those things mean to everyone around you. 

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