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Saturday, May 30, 2015

a Franklin Park Zoo adventure!

Two weekends ago we visited the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. It was an awesome day! Such a fun zoo, very large, tons of animals, clean, easy to get to, just a great time. I highly recommend visiting.

I could not believe we were in the middle of the city! Such a great zoo, so much fun, big open spaces.

No idea what these playground structures are called, but LOVED THEM!

Bring quarters for these fun cars! We didn't have enough to ride them all, but that would have been fun!

Being from Maine, this was our FAVORITE part of the zoo - the farm land area. That silo is a SLIDE! It was awesome.

Tractors?! Loooove this. Who would have thought you'd see that at a zoo?

Most awesome slide we've ever seen. My kids could have stayed here all day.

We didn't end up playing in the playground, because by the time we arrived at the zoo the kids were exhausted and wanted to just see the animals. This playground was HUGE though, this picture above does not do it justice. SO MUCH FUN.

The bird area was the most incredible part! Tons of birds flying all over the place, landing on your arms and hands if you put them out. You could feed them sticks of nuts and items they provided for a few dollars. It was incredible! We could have stayed there an hour!

The gorillas were also our favorites!

I could not believe our luck that a gorilla was RIGHT THERE near the window so the kids could see him. Amazing.

We had an amazing day!

A few tips for visiting this zoo:

  • Wear sneakers- lots of walking. 
  • Stroller was helpful for little breaks for the kids and to keep water bottles, etc.
  • Speaking of water bottles- bring some! There are water bottle refilling stations at water fountains near the restrooms. Cheap and easy, cold and ready for the kids!
  • It's great to pack snacks and lunches even. The food there was good but typical prices for amusement parks. We packed lots of snacks. With the heat and all that walking, packing plenty of food is helpful. 
  • You will need extra money for the carousel and other activities there. 
  • When you walk in, I'd go to the back entrance near the giraffes so you walk in and see animals first, before seeing that large playground. If we had walked in the other entrance to the playground, I'd never have been able to get my kids to continue to see the animals. Do the playground last!

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